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Introduction of TOPIC


            For years, the debacle on gender preferences has existed and still swarms the earth until today. The usual predominant role of men among women have been widely criticized along with the rise of the Feminist movement and thought. Though there may be the possibility of achieving equality between both sexes, it still looks improbable as of today. The system that man has forced through the centuries still haunts today. Masculinity has relied on suppression and exclusion of women. To further understand the thought, it is a must to fully understand the two genders and later on discuss the actions of suppression and exclusion.


            Let’s start it all of with the more commonly known as the lesser gender. Females are on the swinging blow of the ravage effect of masculinity. The years of being oppressed by the dominance of men has made women weak. But thanks to the rise of Feminism, women have freely expressed their rights and resulted to crave for equal opportunity and equal treatment in all of forms of topics in society. Though the feminist movement is still fresh from the confines of the revolutionist minds, it is widely considered as a growing form of thought that may take years before their main goal can be achieved.


            Masculinity defines men, not just the physical side but also the overall essence of men. It is a term that deals with what man usually does and what describes or defines them. The sexual differentiation comes into play when talking about this matter. Masculinity defines men from women in a more detailed way and in a much deeper representation.

            The system throughout the years is that man is the dominant gender among the two. The brute physical strength of men differentiates them from the usual capabilities of women. Indeed the male species have shown their dominance throughout history also accounting to the cultural preferences of most nations. The patriarchal societies most likely profess a more male-dominated system. With this comes that the man should always lead and the father is the head of the household.

            As it is true that man has the more common advantage when talking about physical abilities and brute strength, man has that capability to abuse this power over women. Thus more males are dominating the manpower industries. Most jobs that are available that requires physical capabilities and strength almost most of the time falls for men.

            Talking about jobs, men are incorporated with many jobs that showcase masculinity. These jobs reflect man’s masculinity. Some examples of these jobs are the ff: seaman, soldier, sailor. Some cultures also showcase masculinity in their needs of the ff: knight, samurai, viking, warrior and/or mercenary. While other jobs that require uniforms are often incorporated with men like being a policeman, firefighter, pilot, coastguard, engineer, SWAT or even a park ranger.

Not all positive traits are reflected by masculinity, sometimes it is also associated with criminals such as mobsters, pirates, duellists, assassins and even gun runners. Even manual laborers such as dock workers, lumberjacks, truck drivers, fishermen, construction workers and mechanics, are all linked to masculinity for they are commonly known as a man’s work

and not fit for the ladies. Also, most sports played especially the ones usually seen on TV are male

dominated sports such as football, basketball, boxing, bodybuilding, weightlifting, rugby, hockey, wrestling, baseball and even mixed martial arts.


            Throughout the years, men have taken their dominance towards women using masculinity as a tool. In many aspects of today, women are given less opportunities than men and it can still be the effect of the historical and cultural preferences of most nations. A system that has existed for thousands of years is a hard system to break and the goal of the feminists can be one tough mountain to climb.

            Suppression of women can be evidently seen in many places. This sexual discrimination is a form of exclusion and suppression that strengthens the dominance of men. Still, most jobs available today are most likely for men, and women only constitutes a mere percentage of it. It is loud and clear to those who seek equal rights for men and women that it can not be totally enforced. Some systems might be changed but some are hard to turn around.

            The suppression of women is not only evident in local countries but it can also be witnessed in international relations, for example, the war. Majority of the army is composed of men, and women only constitutes a small percentage of it all. The dominance of men is evident in terms of sexual representation in the army. Masculinity and its qualities is what the army needs and an ordinary female could not provide that requirement unless she acquires or learns how to be more masculine in her ways. Indeed, male dominance suppresses and excludes the potential of women who seek equality.

            More often than not, war is incorporated with men. Fighting in general, boys do fight a lot and so do men. A war is always considered as a form of protecting nations by using the most physically capable component of the population which is the army. The army requires masculinity in order to get the job done. The less masculine you become, the less chances you stay alive, that’s the mentality towards war.

            Another evident form of suppression is through political representations. When you look in the world leaders of today, a very wide majority of men represents their nation and only a few are ruled by women. Most nations tend to be ruled by a male representative. This form of social action forms a conclusion that maybe women are less capable of running a country like men do. Look at the United States, until now, they still haven’t produced even a single leader or president. Hilary Clinton just lost to Barack Obama for the position for presidential candidacy.

            Definitely the strength of masculinity comes from its advantages towards the suppression of women. It’s like a crab mentality form of thinking, one needs to bring one down just to advance to the top. That’s what masculinity has done to women. To rise up above the competition between men and women, man has taken their power and weaved it all up to keep the women at bay.


            What helped man become what they are today? A simple question that may raise a lot of eye brows. Indeed an intriguing answer might fit the bill for this question. Men became what they are today because of women. If women fought for their rights way back then, then the possibility of having an equal society might have existed. But women are less physically capable of achieving, battling and defeating men.

            The quality of masculinity to dominate the opposite sex is a supporting thought behind the many capabilities of men. Physical infractions also hinder women to be leveled with men. One instance is that women are the only ones who get pregnant, and this physical phenomenon only weakens women and so it lessens their opportunities to get the more physical types of works.

            But with all of these, men are not blatantly taking advantage of their strength towards women. In most cases, the society is just tuned up that way and the people of the next generations just acquired that system. The sad thing about it is that the system is too hard to change that it requires a world-changing action. The Feminist movement has started a revolution and resulted to stopping the dominance of men by routing for the achievement of equality among gender preferences. Clamoring for equal opportunities is what the Feminist idealism is trying to impose in the world. Though it is improbable to achieve today, who knows, maybe someday, the world can turn around a new leaf.


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