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Master Of International Business Administration Essay Sample

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Master Of International Business Administration Essay Sample

1) Please compare and contrast between the concepts of “core employees” and “contingent employees”. Please provide one example for each concept that highlights your understanding. * Core employees are workers who hold full time jobs in organizations. These employees usually provide some essential job tasks that require commitment in the organizations (as in governmental organizations) * Contingent workers include individuals who are typically hired for shorter periods of time. They perform specific tasks that often require special job skills and are employed when an organization is experiencing significant deviations in its workflow (as in non-profitable organizations).

2) Please explain the role of the HR department during downsizing activities. Please provide an example that highlights your understanding. * HRM must ensure that proper communications occur during downsizing. * HRM must minimize the negative effects of rumors and ensure that individuals are kept informed with factual data. * HRM must prepare individuals for the change. This requires clear and extensive communications of why the change will occur, what is to be expected, and the effects it will have on employees. * Example: During our removing to our new place, where we will replace office boys by machines, HRM ensured that proper communication occurred during this downsizing, – but it was not clear enough. Because some office boys asked if they will stay with us in new place, and HRM confirmed their existence. Office boys understood that all of them will stay, but frankly three of them are fired last week.

3) Please identify and explain the competencies that need to exist in any HR professional? * Communication skills (he must have the ability to deal with all types of people with different age, grad of education, position… etc) * Problem solving (all employee believes that their problem with the organization, can be solved only by the HR) * Leadership (employees must trust in their HR and believes that they are very close to him) * Recruiting/staffing (Main pillar of any organization is its employees, HR must select correct employee to the correct location) * Employment law

* Training and development (organization can never grow up if employees are non-trained non-development) * Technology (HR must be aware of all new update technology to facilities his work and improve communication with all employees) * Forecasting (future must be well known and planned with all expected situations) * Compensation design

* Benefits design and administration (employee must believe that HR is working for his benefits by facts not by words) * Record keeping (HR must understand that what is not written is not said. All action and agreement must be recorder) * Customer Service Orientation (customer is main source of money ! HR must consider one of the main goals is to reach customer intimacy and to increase number of customers)

4) Please identify and explain the objectives of the Human Resource Management. * Helping the organization reach its goals
* Employing the skills and abilities of the workforce efficiently * Providing the organization with well-trained and well-motivated employees * Increasing to the fullest the employee’s job satisfaction and self-actualization * Developing and maintaining a quality of work life that makes employment in the organization desirable * Communicating HRM policies to all employees

* Helping to maintain ethical policies and socially responsible behavior * Managing change to the mutual advantage of the organization’s stakeholders * Managing increased urgency and faster cycle time

5) Please explain the importance of the Human Resource Management. * The function performed in organizations that facilitate the most effective use of people (employees) to achieve organizational and individual goals. * Achieving organizational goals can’t be done without human resources. Its people, not buildings, equipment, or brand name, that makes a company. * HRM and Organizational Effectiveness:

* Performance
* Legal compliance
* Employee satisfaction
* Absenteeism
* Turnover
* Training effectiveness
* Training return on investment
* Grievance rates
* Accident rates

6) Please compare and contrast between the concepts of “Personnel management” and “Human Resource Management”. * Personnel Management:
* Personnel are executive of HRM.
* He has history of employee’s, theirs salaries and all communication with the company. * He is responsible for issuing/updating contracts with new/old employees. * He is the link between employees and selected medical service unit contracted with the company. * Strategic business partner and representative of employees * People component of the organization

* Maintains employee’s affiliation with the organization. * Human Resource Management:
* Is the process of acquiring, training, appraising, and compensating employees. * HRM is responsible for the following four main functions * Staffing
* Training & Development
* Motivation
* Maintenance

7) Please identify and explain the four main functions in the Human Resource Management field.
* Staffing
* Strategic human resource planning
* Recruiting
* Selection
* Training & Development
* Orientation
* Employee training
* Employee development
* Career development
* Motivation
* Job design
* Performance appraisals
* Rewards and compensation
* Employee benefits
* Maintenance
* Safety and health
* Communications
* Employee relations

8) Please compare and contrast between the concepts of “recruitment” and “selection”. Please provide one example for each concept that highlights your understanding. * Recruitment
* Focuses on locating potentially good applicants
* Get an adequate pool of candidates
* Provide enough info about jobs to filter out non-qualified applicants * This function can be done by personnel.
* Selection
* Thin out the large set of applications
* Select an applicant who will be successful on the job * This function can be done by HRM.

9) Please compare and contrast between the concepts of “training” and “development”. Please provide one example for each concept that highlights
your understanding. * Training
* Training is a learning experience in that it seeks a relatively permanent change in an individual that will improve the ability to perform on the job. * Training changes the skills, knowledge, attitudes, & behaviors of employees. * Training is more present-day oriented.

* It is designed to make you more effective in your current job. * Its focus is on individuals’ current jobs, enhancing those specific skills & abilities to immediately perform their jobs. * Training course may be required for salary increases. * It is the responsibility of the organization to ensure that training selection criteria are related to the job. * Equal training opportunities must exist for all employees. * Example of training: French course training, soft skills training.. etc. * Development:

* Employee development focuses on future jobs in the organization. * As employee’s jobs and career progresses, new skills & abilities are required. * It is more future oriented and more concerned with education than employee job-specific training. * It focuses on employee’s personal growth.

* All employees regardless of level can be developed. * Example of development: I am as a project engineering manager in a development period for my skills to have required skills of my manager position: “engineering manager”. This period does not have end date, it is in progress.

10) Please compare and contrast between the concepts of “Performance Management System” and “Performance Appraisal”. Please provide one example for each concept that highlights your understanding. * Performance Management System:

* Conveys to employees how well they have performed on established goals (feedback) * Areas in which an employee has a deficiency or an area that simply could do better if some effort was exerted to enhance performance (development) * Deals with legal aspects of employee performance (documentation) * Through timely, accurate feedback, & development organizations can better serve employees’ needs. * In doing so, organizations are in a better position to show the effort-performance linkage. * If feedback, development, & documentation are to function effectively, appraisers must have a performance system that is appropriate for their needs (a system that facilitates giving feedback & development information to their employees, & one that allows for employee input). * Can be considering as one of motivation methods.

* Performance Appraisal:
* It begins with the establishment of performance standards in accordance with the organization’s strategic goals. * Strategic goals evolve from the organization’s strategic direction, job analysis, & job description. * It is used in our company as PEDP (personal evaluation and development plan)

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