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Master Prints Ltd Mary Jenkins runs her own printing company called Master Prints Ltd. She employs 15 full-time staff of which six are permanently based in the office. As the owner of the company she is responsible for organising day-to-day activities. One of the most time consuming tasks is the amount of paper work which has to be processed every day. Mary and the other workers in the office have found

the office have found producing invoices and letters to customers takes up at least 50% of their time. Under the current system, when Mary needs to produce an invoice, she has to photocopy the standard form and begin to fill it in by hand. If a mistake is made during the completion of the form it must be thrown away and a new one copied. This can be very frustrating.

Mary would like a system which would save time and cut out many of the mistakes. She would also like a more professional image portrayed on the documents sent to customers.

2.2 User requirements

From my investigations of the running of Master Prints I have found that the following is required. These requirements have been agreed with Mary Jenkins.

1. Letter informing all customers of new charges.

Approximately every six months Mary has to increase her charges and has to inform all her customers. The letter needs to include details of all new charges in a table, the customer’s name and address, the date and who to contact if there are any queries. The name and address must be in a suitable place for window envelopes to be used.

2. Letters informing customers of completed jobs.

A letter is sent to all the customers whose jobs are ready for collection. The letter will need customer’s name and address, date of order, job description and pick up details ie date and time. The name and address must be in a suitable place for window envelopes to be used. A record is kept of who has been informed of a completed job.

3. Invoices

After the collection of every order an invoice is produced and sent to the customer. It needs the customer’s name and address, the date, the description of the job and the cost. It will involve calculating the number of copies x price per copy, totals, VAT and total including VAT. The name and address must be in a suitable place for window envelopes to be used.

4. Easy to use system

The office staff do not have many IT skills and will need menus or icons to help them use the system to carry out items 1 to 3 above.

5. Corporate image

As Master Prints is a business they must make a good impression on their customers. The invoice and all letters must promote a good professional corporate image. This could be achieved by using the same logo and heading on each one. The company’s name, address and telephone number (email and Website) will be needed on all documents.

2.3 Outputs

1. Letters to all customers every three months with the new prices

2. Send letters daily to customers whose orders have been completed

3. Send invoices daily to customers whose order have been collected

4. etc

2.4 Inputs

1. Names and addresses of all customers are needed as well as the new prices

2. Names and addresses of those particular customers whose orders have been completed that day. The date, job description, date of the order, pick update and time.

3. Names and addresses of customers who have collected their order and not paid, date, job description, calculated totals, VAT and total including VAT.

4. Etc.

2.5 Processing

1. Change prices on prices template, merge this with the names and addresses of all the customers, print and send off.

2. Find customers names and addresses whose jobs have been completed that day and merge with a ‘completed order’ template. Print and send off and then update customer record to indicate letter has been sent

3. Find customers whose jobs have been collected and not invoiced and merge with the invoice template. Print and send off. Update customer records to indicate invoice sent.

4. Etc.

2.6 Flow diagrams (diagrams which show the above – here are some examples)

Letter to inform customer that their order is ready for collection.


2.7 Design

2.7.1 List of IT sub-tasks

1. Create the background template for the application.

2. Create the database for customer details.

3. Create the letter template for the new price list.

4. Create the letter template for informing customers that their order is ready.

5. Create the invoice template.

6. Create a menu system and customise toolbars for

a) adding new customers to/ deleting customer from or amending details of customers in the database

b) producing the price list letter for all customers

c) producing the order ready letter

d) producing invoices for a customer

2.7.2 Design – Background template

(A written description of what is required for this task and hand drawn designs with measurements, font and size, etc so that someone else could produce it on the computer – see photocopy of Sue’s handdrawn design)

2.7.3 Design – data source

The different letters all need the customer’s name and address. The individual letters also need other information as follows

a) price list – none

b) order ready letter – date of order, job description, pick up date and time

c) invoices – date, job description, no of copies, price per copy (totals, VAT, etc are calculated automatically).

Therefore, for each customer record the following fields are needed

Title, Initials, LastName, CompanyName, Address1, Address2, Address3, Address4, DateOfOrder, Description, NoOfCopies, CostPerCopy, Ready, PIckUpDate, PickUpTime, Informed, Collected, Invoiced.

The fields Informed, Collected and Invoiced will allow easy-to-use mail merges to be set up.

The database will be called MasterPrints and the table tblCustomer.

(A list of what data needs to be stored and a full table design with details of each field (type, length, etc) as well as defaults, validation, input masks, needed)

2.7.4 Design – New Prices Letter

The letter with new prices will be based on the background template. It will be saved as a template so that Master Print employees cannot change it by mistake. The template will be called

It needs to include the following:-

customer’s name and address (in correct position so window envelopes can be used)

the date

the text of the letter

table of new charges

who to contact in case of queries

A copy of my handdrawn design is overleaf. (see photocopy of Sue’s handdrawn design)

2.7.5 Design – next task etc

2.8 Test Strategy and Plans

(A description of the test strategy – (for example)

* testing each task using test data and checking expected outcome with actual outcome

* getting other students to follow the user guide to check general operation of system

* getting the end user/s to follow the user guide to check for successful implementation of user requirements

The actual testing is carried out after the implementation when the Actual Outcome and Printout reference columns are filled in)

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