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Math Strategy for Sixth Grade Students Essay Sample

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Math Strategy for Sixth Grade Students Essay Sample

            Grade school Math is considered as a difficult subject by the pupils, especially a sixth-grader math because this would be their foundation as they progress to high school. So teachers have to find ways to make their Math class interesting to their students because since it is a difficult subject, the students who find it hard to comprehend the subject matter would no longer do some ways to improve their weakness. But the responsibility does not really rely on the pupils themselves but mainly to the teachers. So as a consequence, better instructional strategies should be made inside the classroom so that things would be easier for the pupils to comprehend.

            One of the instructional strategies that could be applied by the teacher is by lecturing while encouraging the students to take down notes and writing what they feel. (“Journaling Strand Overview”) Taking down notes need exertion and persistence, but if they do take down notes, their knowledge in Math will be increased as they discover the ways to organize their ideas in solving problems in math.

            Another instructional strategy is the is the group work.(Bochert) Group work must be something that the pupils have discussed in their class. Group work lets the student participate in the class because it is a means of letting the students understand in their own ways the topics.

            Another is Panel discussion. (Bergquist, 1975) In panel discussion, there will be a leader who opens and recapitulates the discussion, but the discussion is in an educational way. This is a technique to encourage concentration of the pupils in math and thinking of how each problem can be solved, and it also incites better discussion.

            Some other includes brain storming and picture making. (Bergquist, 1975) Picture making using charts and illustrations can help the student to release ideas and appreciate ideology. Brain storming is also an effective way in instructional strategy because pupils can combine all their ideas to solve a given problem. Brain storming helps liberate in a pupil his or her potentials by thinking of ideas in Math.


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