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Mcdonalds Factors of Production NZ Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Factors of production
•1 Land: McDonalds NZ uses cattle from Canterbury from farming regions to create the tastiest beef Pattie. Local goods. 100% pure beef. Beef patties are ordered in from Auckland. •Land owned by farmers in order to breed the thousands of livestock (cow and chicken) and supplied to McDonalds. •Chicken is supplied by tegal NZ leading supplier for chicken – national • Fish is bought in locally from the sparkling waters that surround NZ. -national •Buns and breads are also supplied from the national factory in Auckland.- national •Eggs lettuce tomatoes milk apples are bought – locally

•2. Labour By simply opening a McDonalds official page you can apply for a job.

•McDonald’s allows younger students to work.

•Offers crew training while you earn. Practical skills, time management, team skills, co

mmunication. •Offers wide range from crew member – assistant

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manager. This can cater to each individual’s skills whether they are a public person or a person behind the scenes.

•3.Capital: they have big machines to cook their patties in. and to help them produce high quality goods such as ice cream machine, soda machine; they use technological systems to make their website look appealing. Entrepreneurship: they have managers and McDonalds is part of a big global fast food chain that is from all over the world. McDonalds is a franchise which enables groups or individuals to buy into its company. Owners/operaters, franchisee, suppliers McDonalds has non price factors which include McCafe weight watchers the playground and free Wi-Fi.

food McDonalds put in place a McCafe to attract older customers so they have an option to buy from as well. They also have a playground which is family friendly as kids can enjoy their food and play in the playground. McDonald’s also offers a weight watchers menu that people who are cautious of their health still have options to choose from. They made a happy meal option to entice young children as it comes with a free toy. They are the only fast food outlet that offers free Wi-Fi to its customers. So customers will come and use their Wi-Fi and be tempted to buy their goods.

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