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Measuring Enterprise Impact is the recognized way in which a company shows the value their organization is delivering to its beneficiaries and society as a whole. In week four we discussed different ways in which organizations are greenwashing. Example given by Dawn Stanley “My company, recently went completely solar energy, reducing its footprint in electricity by 80% or better. The initial cost was enormous but when amortized over a period of 20 years the savings is huge, and the marketing impact, it can have with consumers in America, is huge. Now if we simply moved parts of our company to Mexico where the environment laws are different.” A lot of businesses have turned to outsourcing to third world countries, moving the problem from one country to the next. (Tracey) Companies do sometimes mislead or attempt to hide unpleasant facts to customers by making false claims about green product or services.

Outsourcing jobs to other countries depending on the intention of that company that would be considered a hidden trade-off. Companies will sometimes misdirect the public, emphasize the good and hide the bad. Unfortunately consumers are exposed to a green market claim that focuses on a very carefully set of positive attributes, while remaining silent on the downside that, if known, would make the eco-friendliness of the product questionable. The team discussed Black and Decker as an example “(Black and Decker is a good example of a company with a plant 200 miles or less into Mexico) where the black smoke is pouring out every day.” Not only is this affecting the environment but the question has to be asked, how is it affecting the employees?

One of the most important points agreed upon by the team in week four, Was companies should utilize ERP system The most important measurement, when it comes to watching over a work environment, is using ERP, the business management software that a company use to collect, store, manage and interpret data. The system helps with product planning, cost, manufacturing, marketing, shipping, and payments. It’s always important to pay close attention to the data coming in and out of the company; accuracy is critical to the success of any organization. If utilized correctly ERP, provides an integrated view of core business process, will track business resources, cash, production, etc…. In my opinion, should be utilized by any company regardless of type or size. Conclusion

WE life in a society where the number one priority of organizations is making a profit. Unfortunately, that can be at the expense of manipulation of the public. Companies will sometimes misdirect the public, emphasize the good and hide the bad. If companies utilize ERP system it, will help with facilitation of information flow between all business functions.

Week Four Learning Team Collaborative Discussion: The Importance of Measuring Enterprise Impact.

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