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Introduction of TOPIC

I have analysed many quiz shows in preparation for the design of my own show. The first quiz show that was analysed was “Call my Bluff” a show created for house wife’s or the retired, generally more for the older audience who are able to participate in the game. Hence the reason why Bob Holness is hosting it as the audience is able to relate to him. Another reason for the show attractive this sort of audience is because the show goes out on week days during the afternoon on BBC one. The main objective of the game is to guess the correct definition that the opposite team are reading out. There is only one correct definition and the other two are false. “Call my Bluff” fits the institution of quiz show as it has two teams competing against each other while answering questions. Player that represent the game are well known B list celebrities, this is the reason for the small plain studio, which does not use any big screens or computer technology. Most of the budget is spent on getting the celebrities. The language used is quiet formal but chatty. There are no commercial breaks during the show.

“Friends like these” fits the institution of game show/quiz show as it is a mix of two teams, one with boys and the other with girls competing against one another to get to the final round. To get there they have to complete tasks that have been set. While the contestants are completing their tasks music is added to create tension, which makes great viewing. For each team that wins a task they get a point. The team with the most point before the final round get t

hrough to win the prize of the show. This is where they are asked questions about their own friends.

Each question they get right, get them a step closer to winning the grand prize of an exotic holiday with all their friends. The team that loose walk away with nothing. The show has a high production value this is shown by the modern d�cor, tasks and prizes. Another reason why this obvious is the fact that the show goes out on Saturday prime time. This makes great family viewing for peoples of all ages and genders. The host of the show is Ian Wright who creates a fun bubbly atmosphere with his chatty way of talking. Everyday working people represent the show; most of the contestants are from their late teens to mid thirties. The show does not have any commercial breaks.

The next show that I analysed was “Wheel of Fortune” which has a high production value, this is due to its set which is a mix between Blackpool and Las Vegas, with its casino style bright lights and prize all which make it a quiz show along with buzzers. The prizes that are available are things like bikes, hi-fis, fridges, microwaves and washing machines, until you get to the final round where you can win a car or a money prize. To be able to get to the final round you have to collect points from the rounds before. This is done by spinning a wheel guessing letters in the phrase or you can guess the whole phrase. The presenter is John Lesley who hosts the show in a bubbly and lively way, with the odd cheesy comment thrown in. In terms of target audience the show is aimed at families. The contestants are mainly everyday working people who represent the show.

“15 to 1” is another low production quiz show. It has buzzers and the main prize is to go onto the leader board, not as fun as winning a lump sum. The set is very plain and not very pleasing to the eye. The presenter is the same, William G Stewart who hosts the show in a very serious and uses a less chatty manor, using formal language. This lowers the target audience to the retired and maybe even house wife who will be at home during the day. The people that represent the show are everyday people of different ages.

All the research that has been done will help me plan my final product, of a quiz show of my own. The ideas will be put forward to my chosen channel. When designing the show I will take into count how the show will be presented by the chosen host. How I will make it fit the institution of quiz show. My target audience and finally who I would like to represent the show.

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