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Media is the main mass of communication; it can be traditional media like Television, radio, news papers, magazines or digital like DVD’s, cable, CD’s, MP3’s, World Wide Web and Email. Media takes a big part of our lives too many people media holds every thing they want they build their own world and live in it.

Before doing the media diary I knew that I don’t use media that much specially my phone but I discovered that I do, I use my phone to call, text message and instagram the most. I do use other media for sure, I really enjoy playing video games with my family I even once video shot us playing Wii for several days and made a video using IMovie. I made a chart using the media diary to make it easier for me to see how much I use media and what time, so it shows from the chart that I use media a lot in the weekends, using numbers I calculated it as 460 minutes maximum in the weekends and 93 minutes minimum throughout the week days.

I use my phone (SAMSUNG Galaxy Note) to call in emergencies or certain situations because I mostly Skype if I want to chat with my friends which is in that case I used my laptop, I also use my phone for instagram a lot, I can spend an hour just using instagram posting photos or even looking up accounts following fashion blogs and every thing about fashion.

I consider my self a multi tasker for example I would do my homework on the laptop while listening to music and surfing the Internet! I also tend to write in the living room while the family is watching television and my brothers playing around, but I mostly work in my sister’s room on one disk with her and we always go off topic and chat about different stuff. I don’t know why exactly I work in such conditions but the most important thing is I do it well and accomplish my work. Actually right now am writing this in my
sister’s room with the music on!!

I would say that I mostly use digital media, its not that I never use traditional media but I do it once or probably twice a week. I think because we are living in the 21st centaury every thing is developed like we can do almost every thing using our phones and laptops even my mom tends to read the news on her I pad.

I learned that we reached a point were media interferes so much in our life were it became a basic needed part that we cant loose, as for my media use I would say I cant give up all media at one but I can use some thing instead of the other like I cant give up using both my phone and laptop at once. What really surprised me is the difference between my usage of media in the weekdays comparing to the weekends , I found out it can be calculated as half the week end just using media which is really a lot of time.

In conclusion as the years passes more types of media will be discovered and more will be developed, therefore media will remain in our lives for ever.

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