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It is all around us on TVs, Radios, Posters, and Billboards and on the internet. It can be put into bright writing, standout letters, be spoken out or even be a plain piece of writing as long as it informs or entertains the viewer. Media can tell exciting information which is called entertainment. It also gives you up to date information from any were in the world. Media is used

is used a lot by companies and businesses to sell their products this is called advertising.

Media can be laid out into bright colours to catch people’s eyes, but that’s not the only way of catching people’s attention. Newspapers for instance rarely use colours; they find true interesting stories from the public or comment on major events from around the country or the world. Newspapers are one of the most popular forms of media, because they give a lot of information.

Two types of newspapers are Tabloid and Broadsheet. Tabloid mainly makes stories which have puns and stories from the public and stories of major events. The tabloids language is easier to read than broadsheet. Broadsheet mainly makes stories of major events, financial news and maybe stories of the public but without puns and only take up a tiny proportian of the page.

Two newspapers I am comparing are the sun and the mirror which are both leading tabloid newspapers. They both cover the same story, which is from the public. It is about a couple who are getting married, but their about 20 years apart in their age. Phil the male of the couple lied to his mum telling her that Pat his fianc�e was only 21 and she believed him. That is the main emphasis of the story apart from the age difference.

First I will analysis the sun’s version of the story, showing how it has been laid out and its use of language. The headline is spread out across the page in huge capital letters and is put in colour white on black. They have done it like this to make it stand out and be seen by the reader. The heading has been written as a pun. The pun comes from the marriage vow ‘to have and to hold’ and has been altered to ‘to have and to old’. Meaning she is too old. It also tells the main emphasis of the story which is Phil is young and Pat is too old for him.

Underneath is the sub heading. It is in the same colours but twice as small. This is not in capital letters but is underlined. This also tells a lot more of the outline of the story that she is 43 and Phil lied to his mum that she is only 21. They have made the two ages stand out because it is trying to emphasise she is 43 and she was believed to be 21.

To the right is a close up shot of the couple in a loving pose, this is a quite big picture and it is in colour. Underneath they include a caption; it says “Young at heart…” Meaning they are young and love each other then they put 3 dots to make the reader think about what they have said and then they continue with “Pat, 43,with toy boy Phil, 20”.This again states the age difference and it is true. This caption is set in Italic bold type letters so it doesn’t get misunderstood with the copy. This also sums up the story a little.

The copy starts underneath the subheading and the first word student is set in capitals to emphasise that Phil is a student and is young. The first paragraph is in bold type because it tells a lot of the story in short. The first four paragraphs are under the sub heading and at the side of the picture. After the fifth paragraph it splits up into 4 columns which surround a banner saying exclusive and stating who wrote the copy. The banner stands out to the rest of the copy.

The 2 papers are both at a reading age of about seven because the sentences are short and there are no hard and long words. It is also in an informal tone. Instead of them saying “a 20 year old man named Phil fell in love with-“.They say “Phil,20, fell in love with,”. They do this to make it easier to read and shorten the amount of lines to make this point. In some sentences they use dashes to link points instead of and, also they put 2 word in bold these are ‘A year’ and ‘Older’ they do this to make it standout and say that Phil lied to his parents for a year which is bad and pat has a daughter called Julia – who is four years older than Phil these are 2 important points which they want the reader to know. The sun uses some good words to describe Pat and Phil, Phil is described as weird, old fashioned and a toy boy because he a bit like a lover boy while Pat is described as a mature student. It also gives some humorous points such as “Pat first got married when Phil was in short trousers” stating he was a young child when pat first got married. From analysing The Sun I am now going to analysis the mirrors layout and language.

The mirror is laid out a lot different to the suns version because at the top they use graphics of marriage bells with a banner of mirror exclusive. Underneath is the same picture used in The Sun but is enlarged to take about half the page. It is not in colour.

Underneath is the caption which tells the reader a summary of the story that their age gap is over 20 years. The heading is a lot similar to The Suns paper because it is large, in capitals and it’s in black and white. It is also a wedding vow of the ‘Bride to be’ and is altered to ‘lied to be’ because Pats a liar and she’s getting married. They don’t use lied instead of fib because lied is stronger. The sub-heading is quite the same to The Sun because they say the same point.

The copy starts similarly with lover in capitals and also the first paragraph is in bold. The first paragraph of The Sun is identical to the mirror because they both say Phil convinced his parents that Pat was only 21. The copy of the mirror is in three columns. Halfway down the first column is a title called Laugh, because the following article can be quite funny because Pats daughter is four years older than Phil.

The Language is similar to the sun with short sentences and is in an informal tone. They use good describing words like lover boy, fibbing which is less strong than lying, this shows it is a reading age of seven and they use mature student just like the suns version.

From analysing both papers, I have noticed a few differences between the two papers, some I have already mentioned. These points were included in The Sun but not in the mirror, “Pat received 21st Birthday cards from Phil’s mum and dad”. “Pat and Phil marry in July”. These points were included in the mirror but not in the sun, “the couple are living together”. “Pat feels like a teenager at heart”. “Phil plans to confess to his parents that Pat is 43 years old”. This point proves that The Mirrors story was brought out before The Suns story because Phil has already confessed in The Sun. The Mirror also explains about why they like each other and not people their own age. The mirror calls Phil Phillip and the sun calls him just Phil. The questions about these two papers are why they both claimed to have exclusives?

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