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Medicaid Expansion Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

The goal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is to provide uninsured Americans with healthcare. Ohio is facing an important decision to participate in the Medicare eligibility expansion of the ACA. Ohio contains an estimated 1,500,000 uninsured residents. This paper presents concise information regarding the impact on Ohioans and the state budget and economy. Impact on Ohioans

If policy maker decide to expand Medicaid, The number of uninsured in Ohio would be dramatically reduced. Under current eligibility, parents are eligible to 90% of Federal Poverty Level (FPL), disabled to 64% and childless adults are not elig

ible. A potential gap exists; an estimated 370,000 Ohioans could remain without healthcare coverage.

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Additionally, some adults with incomes between 100% and 138% FPL may remain uninsured because they cannot afford coverage even with insurance exchanges and subsidiaries (Health Policy Institute of Ohio, 2013). However, expansion would eliminate those possibilities. Budget and Economic Impact

With expansion, Ohio would gain $1.8 billion in net saving and revenue generated. That savings and revenue could offset additional Medicaid costs that are associated with other provisions of the ACA. An estimated 23,000 jobs in healthcare and related industries, $16 billion in earnings, and $18 billion in economic activity would also be created. Medicaid expansion should be included in next budget proposal. Conclusion

Ohio can reduce a large number uninsured residents and gain considerable saving and revenues with Medicaid expansion. This is a smart investment in Ohio’s workforce and economy and should be considered in next budget proposal.


The Health Policy Institute of Ohio. (2013). Expanding Medicaid in Ohio. Fact sheet: The impact of not expanding Medicaid in Ohio. Retrieved from http://a5e8c023c8899218225edfa4b02e4d9734e01a28.gripelements.com/pdf/publications/notexpandingmedicaid_onepagefactsheet.pdf

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