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Do you ever wonder who tests your blood or diagnose disease? Medical Laboratory Technologists are one of the most important people when it comes to the health of a patient. Ever since I was a little I always wanted to be a doctor. After doing a little research on Medical Laboratory technologists, I think I might have had a change of heart; being a doctor seems much less interesting to me now that I know about the work of a Medical Laboratory technologist. I also did a little research on universities in Ohio that teach this career to student. I found out that there are three universities that provide this career; The University of Liverpool, Walden University, and The Ohio State University all have programs for Medical Laboratory technologists.

Before I did my research on Medical Laboratory Technologists, I thought that is was an easy and quick job. When I think about this career I imagine a group of assistance working together to try to diagnose or treat a patient.

In my research, I found out that Medical Laboratory technologists run tests on body fluids, cells, and tissues. Other samples that are commonly tested are urine, spinal fluid, and blood samples. When testing the samples they look for abnormal or diseased ones. After the tests are completed they record and evaluate the results. Then discuss the results with a doctor and pathologists. Technologists must be exact and accurate when running tests and equipment. Most Technologists work for full time which is about 40 hours, while others choose to work nights, weekends, or holiday. They must be able to see details of objects that are a few feet away form them. They should also be able to hear different sound and be able to distinguish between them.

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