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The four glands that contribute to semen are prostate, seminiferous tubules, seminal vesicles, and bulbourethral glands

Sperm have at most 48 hours to live after ejaculation because if ejaculated in the female’s vagina different factors influence the sperm’s lifetime. pH of the female’s vagina is one factor and the secretion of mucous fluids is another. If the female’s pH is too high or too low the sperm will die quickly. If there is not enough mucous fluids to help the sperm’s motility then the sperm will die in the vagina. If the sperm is ejaculated outside the vagina then the lifetime is greatly reduced due to the air drying out the sperm.

Damage to Megan’s uterine tubes can complicate fertilization or pregnancy by the damage can prevent sperm from getting to the ovum or prevent the secondary oocytes and fertilized ova from getting to the uterus from the ovaries. If the fertilized ova implants into the uterine tubes due to blockage or damage then it results in an ectopic pregnancy.

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