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After finishing my Nutrients Report, I recognized some very important things regarding my health. I know I have high Cholesterol because my doctor told me about the bad impacts it can have on my health. I have been trying to treat this by eating healthier, but after recording seeing my Nutrients Report I noticed I am still 100mg over where I should be. I know this doesn’t necessary mean It’s bad but I still beleave I need to work on that. I will look up things to help me with this on the Internet.

Other than my Cholesterol being high, I am actually right on track with the other Nutrients and Minerals. My Carbohydrates are “okay” as it say’s. I drink a lot of sports drinks so I think that’s the reason it is okay. My protein is also “okay”, I drink protein shakes everyday that I use with weight training. My total fat is “okay” as well, I try to stay away from fatty foods but It can be hard some times. When I think I need something, which I know, has a lot of fat I grab a protein bar. Which also helps with my total percent of protein. My Saturated fat is over the limit I should have. I don’t really think Saturated fats are bad but I am not a doctor. Saturated fats are derived from animal products such as meat, dairy and eggs. But they are also found in some plant-based sources such as coconut, palm and palm kernel oils. For minerals my Sodium levels are also over the target.

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