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Have you ever heard the phrase “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus?” I believe the comparisons between men and women offer a very good contrast. Men and women are different in so many ways and sometimes it seems like they have nothing in common. It seems amazing that greater than 50% of the marriages today last for a lifetime. Men and women have a unique capability to mimic nature’s examples. A lot of species choose one mate for life.

To begin with, men are raised to be tough minded and not show too much emotion. They are conditioned by their parents and their peers, as a rule to not cry in public and to not show much affection. Women, on the other hand, are raised to be affectionate and sensitive to other people’s feelings.

Communication between the sexes can be very difficult. It seems that the male is incapable of understanding the intricacies of the female conversation. While he hears certain key words they usually mean something entirely different than what the female is trying to convey because the male takes these few key words out of context and comes up with an entirely different meaning. She becomes frustrated because he is not listening to the deeper meaning that she has. She doesn’t understand why he can’t “read” her dialogue and then translate it into what she really means. He is completely unable to translate because he chose to not listen carefully and with full attention. Men are thinking of what their reply is going to be without hearing it all because they have preconceived what is meant.

Men and women show affection towards each other in very different ways as well. Men tend to show affection by buying and giving gifts to women, such as roses, chocolate, jewelry, cards and stuffed animals. Women love those things, but what they really would enjoy is a night at home just communicating on a deeper emotional level. Women show affection in a lot of ways. Some do it by physical touch, like holding a hand, giving a hug, or rubbing a back. Others do it verbally, like saying something nice. Some women buy gifts as well. Women show affection on an emotional level while men expect affection in a more physical way. There are a lot of ways to show affection, and no two people show it in exactly the same way.

Relationships are a lot of work. Some couples even refer to them as a “job.” Men and women must remember to communicate and respect each others differences for a successful relationship.

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