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1. Meeting notes – what was discussed during your meeting?

-Past 6 months individual achievements
-Set up short term goals
-And discussed opportunities for improvement

2. What issues have you encountered since the last meeting and how did you address them?

Taking the time to prepare for our meeting sending an e-mail two days prior of the meeting with topics that we would like to discuss. What where the difficulties I encountered this week balancing my professional and personal life as well as the required work load.

3. Discuss one strategy your mentor has used in the past to manage a conflict. Why did he or she choose this method? How well did this method work? How could he or she have improved on the chosen method?

What has worked for Ana in the past especially when as a human resources manager she often has to be the mediator between two parties was address any conflict right away. She always focuses on the issue not on her position about the issue and tries to be neutral and unbiased. She would let both parties talk and listen to then without interrupting and asks for feedback when she does not understand a specific conflict. Finally she never would jump into conclusions or make any assumptions before she has all the information in front of her.

4.Discuss the communication challenges of groups and teams with your mentor. What challenges does he or she find most common? What strategies does he or she use to address these challenges?

One of the biggest communication challenges she has encountered has been Failure to listen whether it is managers effectively communicating company guidelines or associates not listening to what is expected by them.

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