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Mercedes-Benz R-Class: A New Design Signature of Car Essay Sample

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Mercedes-Benz R-Class: A New Design Signature of Car Essay Sample


Over the past few years, Mercedes Benz is renowned for establishing car standards, the trailblazing innovations, the latest places of interest of cars. Along the gap within the space of just 30 days, Mercedes Benz, for the second time, is proudly presenting its brand new type car modeled R-Class. However, what makes it so special?

This research paper will focus on three outstanding feature of R-Class besides from the typical parts and features of a car:  Dimensions, Dynamism and Design.

Dimensions towards Signature Car

            The R-Class shows the standards and advantages of interior spaciousness and comfort. For example, 920 millimeters provides spacing to the first row seat and the second and third row seat is divided by comfortable space up to 920 millimeters and there still space for about 840 millimeters in between seats in the second and third rows. (Black Falcon Media Group Oy, 2006). Besides, the second-row seats are adjustable in the back and front providing comfortable body position of the passenger. In adjusting the fore and aft second-roe seats, it also provides additional space to as much as 990 millimeters. Passengers in the second and third row seats can adjust or move in their desired position depending on their seat position for the difference between the second and third row seats is 920 millimeters.

            Getting lower back pain while driving the R-Class car is prevented for the car headroom extends up to 1027 millimeters in rear and the shoulder room also widens for about 1530 millimeters in front and 1514 millimeters in rear. These comfortable dimensions take the level of safety and comfort of the new R-Class.

            When it comes to further comforting the passengers during the long journey, the car also provides. The car’s passengers can now sit and relax for it offers the armrest tool in the second row. Moreover, in the rear, the car has a center comfort for the individual seats for it offers extra compartments along cup holders and bottles to stand upright. The aspect of entertainment is also developed where the separate DVD/CD player gives passengers the full control in the monitoring of music as journeys going by. Color screen and earphone are provided so as to entertain passengers.

The efficient air conditioning system continue to provide the harmony of the atmosphere where it features the newly developed multi-zone “ther-motronic” system which is equipped with sensors and blower booster to maintain the overall temperature in the car as set by the driver, the front and rear passengers (Black Falcon Media Group Oy, 2006).

The R-class is very adaptable to what the passengers may wish. At the back of the car, the each four seats installed can be fold flat, thereby, permitting the expansion of space within the car as well as the load capacity. This feature conceals the load space of the car. Car temperature can be “rounded off’ by the isolated air conditioning unit located at the rear which can be regulated in the third row seats (Black Falcon Media Group Oy, 2006).

The “panoramic sunroof” an optional tool system, is developed to add glass panels which covers the entire surface of the roof (Black Falcon Media Group Oy, 2006). The glass panels as an optional roof of the car provides the interior of the car a cooling system of the air while letting an amount of light to penetrate inside. This offers passengers a sensation for having an open air car.

Sports enthusiastic families or any persons who want an adaptable car that can settle in all means of transportation tasks promptly and easily are also provided by the new R-Class. The car features the adjustable and flexible load capacity. For example, in the each seat in the rear can be fold flat allocating an extra load capacity for about 2057 liters. This car stature hides the load space. The car also provides an optional convincing feature which is the “proportioned EASY-PACK tailgate” in loading and unloading manner (Black Falcon Media Group Oy, 2006).

Design towards Satisfaction

            The design of the newest R-class car gives the visual representation of the car. It gives

the expression for poised and the dynamic characters. The headlamps give the full and equal power of illumination during the periods of low visibility. It is especially designed top be the eye of the car for it provides a high intensity of light to make clear the roads especially when taking curves.

 Moreover, the car features the arching roof line. It is the typical styling aspect of R-Class which provides an extensive and all-encompassing link between the A-pillar and D-pillar and giving the car a smooth and glossy, couple-like outline and shape.

Dynamism: The Power to go Further

            The power to go further of the car is reachable by the installation of the engine whose output range from 165 kW/224 hp up to 225 kW/306 hp. It can also reach from standstill a speed of 100 km/h for just about 6.9 seconds and reaching the top speed of 240 km/h due to the powerful V8 power plant.

 With regard to the engine line-up system, it features the new six cylinder power unit, direct injection equipment whose ability is to enhance and further build-up fuel consumption towards lower exhaust emission. It also has improved refining tools in exhaustion. Indeed, it contributes little to the gas emission to the atmosphere. In fact, it accelerates to about 0-100 km/h for just 8.3 seconds and can reach the velocity of 230 km/h. The maximum torque of 510 Newton-meter on tap and a minimum 1600 rpm is provided by the V6 engine. The V6 engine gives the power of 200-kw/272-hp where it accelerates from 0-100 km/h at time of 8.3 seconds and until it reaches the maximum speed of 230 km/hr.

The car design of “direct select” allows Mercedes engineers to give out its traditional “conventional automatic selector lever in the centre console” and replaced it with an effective and efficient lever on the steering column (Black Falcon Media Group Oy, 2006). In addition, there’s an additional gearshift buttons that provides the pre-selection of the seven forward gears. By this mechanism, the reserved energy and vigor of the six and eight-cylinder can be exploited towards the maximum effect while driving.

            All cars must build a security and safety devices inside the car like the R-Class. The car developed the 4ETS traction system for safety. It imparts the benefit of space-age electronics to improve car’s contact with the road even during bad road conditions.

            The R-Class passengers have also the option of “AIRMATIC” air suspension. This offers the ability of the car to raise the body to an optimum of 50 millimeters especially when driving along rough roads. The system is also programmed to lower the body by 20 millimeters if the speed of the car exceeds 120 km/h.

            Mercedes also introduced its latest safety innovation in the car, “PRE-SAFE®,” which is an anticipatory protection system. It detects critical situation and automatically offers its ability to prepare passengers and the car as well. This pre-safe mechanism includes tightening of the driver’s and front occupants seat belts in case of emergency and adapting the passenger seat to its optimum position for occupant’s safety and automatically closing the car’s roof.  (Black Falcon Media Group Oy, 2006).

            Beside from the main features discussed above, Mercedes-Benz R-Class provides various valuable features system. It offers number of packages comprising beneficial extras called the AIRMATIC package. In addition, it has the chrome styling package design for the exterior, a compartment for sports packages featuring styled instrument cluster.

            The Mercedes-Benz R-Class car also introduced the 19-inch wheels especially design for long journeys, adjustable sports seats, sports pedals, power wood trim, pop-out windows, side-curtain airbags, adaptive front airbags and front side bags airbags, belt tensioners and belt force limiters and the ability pull heavy loads. 


Black Falcon Media Group Oy. (2006). Mercedes-Benz R-Class In Depth [Electronic Version]. Retrieved 27 October 2007 from http://www.worldcarfans.com/2050323.014.

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