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Scene 1
Morocco is the first suitor to try his luck. What is he told before he is to choose? Scene 2:
Lancelot Gobbo, the clown, wants to leave Shylock’s service, why? His father brings a present to his son’s master. Why is prose used? What does Gratiano want form Bassanio?

Scene 3:
Describe what happens. What does Jessica feel about the situation? Scene 4:
A group of masqued men are on their way into the Ghetto: who and what are they doing here? Scene 5:
Describe what happens in this scene.
Comment on Jessica’s words (p. 53, ll. 54 – 55)

Scene 6:
What happens in this scene?
Comment on the difference between the play and the film: why does the film let Shylock come home and find his house empty? Scene 7
Back at Belmont: What makes Morocco make up his mind which casket to choose? Comment on Portia’s words on p. 61, ll. 78 -79. Are the same words used in the film?

Scene 8:
Solanio makes fun of Shylock. (Find his lines on p. 63, ll. 12 – 22) Comment on his words. ll. 25 – 26: what does Solanio realize? Why would the fact that Jessica has eloped make matters worse for Antonio? ll. 26 – 49: What does Antonio feel when he says goodbye to Bassanio? Compare Antonio and Shylock: how do they react when they lose someone near and dear to them? Scene 9:

The Prince of Arragon (-nowadays Aragon, a province in northern Spain) : Comment on his reasoning with himself before he tries his luck. What was Shakespeare’s intention when letting Arragon and Morocco choose? Who is introduced at the end of the scene?

Do Portia and Nerissa have an idea of who it may be?

Act 3, Scene 1
ll. 1 – 18: what is the news on the Rialto?
ll. 19 – 30: comment on the exchange of words between Salarino /Solanio and Shylock. ll. 31 – 57: we’ll deal with this together.
ll. 65 – 103:
a) Describe how Shakespeare has structured the conversation between Shylock and Tubal. b) Describe Shylock, his words and his feelings.
c) Comment on Shylock’s reaction to the news about the ring. d) What comfort does Shylock find in all this?
e) Discuss how the fact that Jessica has eloped makes Shylock even more vindictive. (hævngerrig)

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