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Matilda Nordtvedt wrote a Christian fiction book which was entitled Message of the Mountain. This book has one hundred and thirty-five pages and everything took place in Bellingham, Washington.

John Johnson, together with his parents and sisters were to move from their home in Minnesota to a new house near Bellingham, Washington. John was happy upon hearing the news, but his two other half sisters, Hilda and Lois were not. They would probably miss the brook by their home and the small shack they had discovered, but still, they have no other choice but to move.

Their new home was not as bad as their old one, and instead of a brook, there stood a mountain- Mount Baker. That mountain will always remind everybody about God. As they walk to school, John was confident while his sisters were not. John that day found new friends and their names were Marvin and Pete. He made friends with them not knowing they were bad influences. From his new friends he learned how to roll and smoke tobacco. He also learned how to steal things from the store. It was very hard for John to control himself from smoking. When John and Marvin walk together they will surely go down the tracks to smoke. John did not only have a trouble in quitting smoking, he also had a difficulty in choosing a side- Evolution or Creation. His new attitude, friends and environment did not only affect himself but did also affect his sister Lois. He taught Lois how to steal, how to lie, and how to keep secrets.

One they, they had a visitor whose name was Henry Svenson, but people called him “Happy Hank” because he was changed by Jesus. Mama invited Marvin to eat at their home and go with them to church and sure enough he went. When they arrived church, Happy Hank told his testimony to everyone, and his testimony really change a lot of people’s lives (including John and Lois). That night, they confess to Papa and Mama for what they have done. Few days after, Marvin’s father died and he had to move to Minneapolis and live with his aunt- Aunt Dorothy. But for the mean time, he was accepted by the Johnson family and lived with them. Marvin loved the Johnson family, to the point that he became a part of them. Aunt Dorothy’s arrival was on November, and John kept on praying to God to postpone her arrival, and his prayer was answered for a few times. Since it was already spring and they have not heard from Aunt Dorothy for a while, Papa and Mama planned to go and climb Mount Baker with the kids.

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