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Methods of Communication Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

General description of method

Written or Non-Written?

Electronic or non-electronic?

Describe the suitable recipients and consideration of points detailed in the assignment task regarding that recipient (audience) requirements.


A written document sent by one person for another person


It can electronic (computer) and it can be non-electronic (handwritten)

A letter is suitable for everyone apart from blind people, it is a clear record that can be kept


A conversation over the phone

Non- written


A telephone conversation is suitable for everyone as it instant apart from the deaf. It is convenient because it’s quick, easy and instant for two people to communicate.


A short message sent on a mobile phone


ten Electronic A text can be

suitable for all people apart from the blind. A text is a short, and quick, ideal for someone reminding someone about deadlines, meetings etc. This is informal way of communicating and may not be used a lot as older members of the workplace don’t understand or use text messaging.


A letter sent on the internet



Emails suit all people apart from the blind, email can be an informal or formal letter to a colleague in the workplace, and they are instant. Emailing is easy to use because once you finish your email you can send it straight away and you’ll know they get it, also because its no different from writing a letter on Microsoft word.


Is a structured way of reporting a study


Electronic or Non-electronic

A report is suitable for everyone apart from the blind, it gives a detailed, structured report on a study or case. It also gives information to management about what is going on.

Video Conference

A live video conversation between people in different places.

Non- Written


Suitable for everyone, it’s a instant, quick and easy way of communicating to other people in different places,

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