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In 1836, after a deadly war,  the Texans successfully gained independence from  Mexico and formed the Lone Star Republic.  Initially the Texans approached the Union  with the hopes of being admitted as a slave state, but the delicate balance in congress  between slave and free states would be disturbed by doing so.  For this reason, the  Lone Star Republic would remain independent for another decade.  Forging valuable  trade relationships with European and Americans, as well as building its economy,  Texas would opt to join the Union once again.  This time the year was 1845, and the  vast majority of Texans would agree to join the Union.

After nearly a decade operating as an independent nation that was recognized by  foreign powers such as the US, Britain, and France, Texas was now free to join the  Union as it had originally intended to in 1836.  However, despite having been  recognized as a sovereign nation for nearly a decade, the Mexican government would  not agree with the Texan intent of joining the Union.  As far as the Mexican government  was concerned, Texas was still a territory of Mexico, and would remain such.  This is  despite the fact that the Lone Star Republic clearly claimed independence nearly a  decade earlier.  And the Mexican troops made their desire to keep Texas quite evident.

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