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Microbiology Essays


The Determination of Microbial Numbers Objectives

Objectives: * Practically every phase of microbiology requires method for measuring microbial numbers. * Study the theoretical relationship of one bacterial cell, or clump of cells. * Study the effect of dilution to the bacteria growth. * Determine the cell

The Oral Care Imperative

Oral health has increasingly become a priority issue for healthcare agencies in North America and worldwide. This review article attempts to (1) inform various healthcare providers of the risk factors that can arise from poor oral hygiene, specifically aspiration pneumonia;

Role of Saliva in Caries

Department of Cariology and Turku Immunology Centre, Institute of Dentistry, University of Turku, Lemminkaisenkatu 2, FIN – 20520 Turku, Finland, Corresponding author, [email protected] Adv Dent Res 14:40-47, December, 2000 Abstract – Caries is a unique multifactorial infectious disease. Our understanding

Five Microbiology News Articles

Outline Article 1: Is It a Cold or the Flu? Article 2: Alfalfa sprouts recalled after at least 22 ill Article 3: Health official: No sign of Haiti diphtheria spike Article 4: Chinese baby born with syphilis every hour Article

Nanobacteria Case

Nanobacteria newly discovered cell walled microorganisms significantly contributed to turmoil around conventional medicine and its further development. Moreover, if nanobacteria are considered to be living organisms, some scientists speculate that they should be regarded not as bacteria but a newly

Koch's Postulates

Abstract: It is important to be able to identify pathogenic bacteria that may be causing harm. Tomato crops can be affected by several different pathogenic bacteria. By using Koch’s postulates, it was determined that Pseudomonas syringae was the bacteria causing

Bacteria a Helpful Organism

One purpose of this paper is to show the importance of biology in our everyday life. The subject of this paper is the cause and affects of micro-organisms that are in the human digestive system. Article of choice, (Adnan, 2010)

Exercises in Microbiology

Take interest, I implore you, in those sacred dwellings which one designates by the expressive term: laboratories. Demand that they be multiplied, that they be adorned. These are the temples of the future—temples of well-being and of happiness. There it

Antimicrobial Suscepibility Pattern of Escherichia Coli

The leaves of Chromolaena odarata (commonly called siam weed) which is an ancient remedy for the treatment of wounds and many ailments was tested for its antimicrobial activities on staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli at different concentrations. The agar pour

Science and Microbiology

Taking an interest in science in my junior class made becoming a clinical physician my one time ambition. This interest evolved over the years mainly due to my mother’s frequent ailments which made us frequent hospitals and clinical laboratories. I

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