Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Review Coursework Commentary Essay Sample

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My piece of coursework is a review of the recently released computer operating system, Windows XP Home Edition. It is written for a PC magazine, for example PC Plus. Such a publication is aimed at the experienced computer user and excessive knowledge of computer terminology and functionality is often required. Simple examples from the text include ‘Operating System’ (abbreviated ‘OS’), hardware, and software. ‘Operating System’ refers to Windows itself whereas hardware

Windows itself whereas hardware and software refer to computer devices and programs respectively. The language I have selected for use in this document is not as advanced as that of a PC magazine. My aim in this review was to produce a relatively small, but informative article with more suitably towards the less experienced user. Throughout the text, a basic understanding of the concepts of Windows and computing is generally necessary. However, the language remains technical in order to accurately explain Windows XP’s features such as ‘Remote Assistance’, Network Connection Wizard’ and ‘System Restore’. These terms are mainly self-explanatory but are also explained to the reader.

In terms of graphology, I have attempted to adopt a similar style to that of the model. The text is divided with the use of bold headings in order to permit rapid searching through the document. This would be useful to a reader specifically interested in one aspect of Windows XP, for example, “has the crashing problem been solved?”. They could then easily locate the section within the review. Without these headings the text would be too hard to refer to. Additionally, the screenshots divide the text, as well as providing visual evidence to statements in the text. They have been thoughtfully selected and refer to hyped sections of the text. Included is a screenshot of Windows XP’s Help Application, which I have branded “excellent”. I believe the screenshots are an important part of the review as they relate directly to the text. When the reader sees “bouncy graphics” in the review, they can easily look at one of the images to gain an understanding of the reviewer’s semantics.

As previously mentioned, the detail of the review is limited. The necessary data is given to the audience so that they can make a choice of whether to purchase the product or not. I have concluded the review with a short paragraph about my opinions, which summarises the points throughout the article. At the end is a ten-point grading system which rates the most significant aspects of Windows XP, as ell as presenting an overall score.

In progression from my previous draft, a variety of features have been changed. The columns have replaced the standard line-by-line layout, and the screenshots add authenticity to the document. The title has an added sub-caption and the reviewers name is now included. The whole text has been re-checked and modified in places where I found necessary.

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