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My Mid-night experience Essay Sample

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My Mid-night experience Essay Sample

As I was walking down the street, I felt the cold night air filling my lungs and the sound of my feet echoing with each step that I took. There were no cars going by, as it was midnight there was no sound at all, not even the drunken man that lives just down the street.

I was walking under a bridge when suddenly I saw two guys walking over to me. At first I was very worried, like when you know something is going to happen, a bad feeling, but then I thought to myself, why would something happen now? I mean; they were only two guys.

Nevertheless, I walked on and pretended not to have seen them, but it seemed they knew what I was doing and walked over to me saying “Do yo av ne fags” and quickly enough I said “no” to try and get rid of them and turned around and continues walking.

A few minutes later though they were there again, walking right beside me, so I stopped and asked “What do you want” they did not answer me, therefore, I asked again but this time with a little more emotion, still no answer. I gave up.

I stopped walking and pretended to tie my shoes laces to see if they would give up and just walk past me, but unfortunately they did not. They stopped as well. Now I was getting really worried, I still had 15 minutes left to walk, and they were still following me. Suddenly one of them spoke; I turned to him quickly to see what he had to say. “Gimme all yu mone, I said I wan all yu monay” I did not know what to do, so I just denied him and started walking away rapidly, they seemed to be getting really irritated, but so was I so I did not care.

Suddenly all the anger I had held in came out. I started shouting at them with all my energy, I was furious. I could not help but notice that they had gone quiet, is this good or bad sign? I asked myself.

I got my answer straight away when they both started punching me, I tried pulling them off me but I was not strong enough, I felt too weak. They were hitting me all over, from head to toe. One of them hit me in the head with such great pressure, that I almost fainted, I do not know how I managed to stay awake and squeak out of a small hole they left, nor how I managed to run to the nearest flat.

I ran up the stairs and started knocking on all the doors frantically. I did not know what to do, no one was answering. Finally, when someone did answer I felt so relieved I could have kissed the floor if someone asked me to. The owner of the flat was a young black gentleman in his near twenties. When he asked what I wanted, I started shouting different things trying to tell him what had happened, and failed miserably, I felt very nervous as they where getting closer, he had no clue what I was talking about. So I started from the beginning, when I saw the two guys coming upstairs to where I was, and greeted the man I was begging for help with a friendly hug.

I was stuck; I did not know what to do now. They started joking about making fun of me, I felt frustrated. I felt completely hopeless and tired. I wanted to give them what they wanted and just go, but I knew it would not be as easy as that.

I thought a lot about what to do; I knew if I gave them what they wanted they would end up beating me up afterwards, I had no way out.

I decided to put my purse down my socks in case of an emergency, and used my trousers to hide the lump that formed in my socks while they were not watching, just in case they tried to steal it. I had quite a lot of money on me, 50 pounds. I was planning on buying my books with college with that money, but something had come up so I could not buy them that day.

I saw they where busily talking and I knew it, I felt it, this was my chance to escape. I started getting myself ready, and in a good position to run. I have always been a good runner so that was not a problem. My own problem was if all three of them caught me when I started running, and started beating me up again, there would have been no way out this time. I would never be able to fight them all.

I decided to run for it, jumping down the stairs using all my force. But only one of them followed me, the other two stayed upstairs watching. He caught up with me and held on to my hood, for a few seconds I could not breathe, I felt suffocated. He had hold of me, I had no choice but to slow down, or else I would not be able to breathe. I started punching him trying to loosen his grip. I pushed him down on to the floor and started kicking him as well as punching. All of a sudden I saw a knife going inside me; I looked at both sides and saw two knives.

I gave him one last kick and ran for it, this time though no one followed.

I ran for a few minutes until I was sure they would not follow and fell hard on the floor, I could not move, I was exhausted. I looked down to see my trousers all wet as if someone had thrown a bucket full of water, I saw it was red, it was blood. How had that happened? Suddenly I remembered the knives. Then I knew for sure I had to call the police and ambulance, I looked for my purse and phone but could only find the phone; I rang the police and started walking home very slowly.

I got home to hear my mum shouting at me words I did not understand, all I could hear where the words “late” and “trouble”, I still could not quite put my head round everything that had just happened; I was in what some people refer to as a state of shock. I heard a knock on the door, and I saw my sister coming downstairs to answer the door and to check if I was ok, I wasn’t, but I had to lie as I did not want her to worry. It was the paramedics, they told me to go to the sitting room and sit on the sofa, as did as I was told, and as I did this I started to feel the pain getting stronger. I felt very hungry as I had not had anything to eat that day, I started feeling weak.

A few minutes later the police arrived and started asking a whole series of questions and I tried to remember everything that had just happened. The paramedics started cuttings through my trousers as it was the only way to get them off. While they did that, they too started asking me questions about what happened, so I told them. I also mentioned the fact that I had dropped my purse while I was running, and there’s a chance one of them picked it up took the money, and threw purse away, leaving their fingerprints on the purse. Each minute that went by I felt more nervous, I do not know why I would feel nervous, I’m meant to be feeling safe being home and all, but no I felt nervous and scared for the first time in my life. Yes, that’s how I felt, I felt scared, not wanting to admit it to anyone, I felt scared, all these feelings locked up inside me, and not being able to tell anyone made me feel even worse.

As all these thoughts were going on inside of me, the paramedics were disinfecting my injuries. I looked down to see how my legs were and saw that I had being stabbed twice. Once in my left leg, next to my kneecap, and once in my right leg in the same place as the other. The right one was 5cm deep, but only 3cm wide, but the other one, even though its depth was not as much as the other one, it felt more sorely. It was 3cm deep and 4cm wide, even though it did not look infected, they took more time on this one than the other one. I asked the paramedics if it was serious, and they told me it was serious but that they can fix it. That added to my worry.

When they finished doing what they finished doing what they were doing, they told me I had to go to the hospital, I needed stitches. They took me to St Mary’s which was the nearest one to me. They told me to wait in the waiting room and that they would send me a doctor immediately. I waited and waited and no one came. I was getting frustrated; the pain was growing stronger as time went by.

I was sitting down normally when all of a sudden everything went blank, I could not see anything. I felt all cold inside me as if someone put a stop to the world, this had never happened to me before. I was not sitting in the hospital chair any more; I was not in the hospital. I felt numb, I could not move. Finally my eyes opened to see light, and I thought, maybe all this that happened had just been a dream, a nightmare. But when I sat up I saw my dad’s worried face, and I knew for sure it was no dream. So I asked him “Are you ok”, but instead of answering my question he asked me if I was ok, so I answered that with another question, “What happened.” As it seemed I had just fainted.

I thought to myself “I just fainted, Oh my god” I was fine, just shocked, it made me realize how bad things really where. I felt really hungry by now, nearly 24 hours without having anything to eat, I asked for the time and found out it was 3am, I had been here for 3 hours and no one had come, they lied! They said they would send someone straight away and they had not.

My dad said he would go back home to get me something to eat and some new clothes to wear. It took him 1 hour to go home and back, he had to walk as there was not public transport available at that time. I felt really sorry for him, I felt responsible for making him have to do all that it was not his fault I had not eaten all day. Nevertheless, I ate all the food; two sandwiches, a bottle of water, yoghurt, and an apple. I ate it all, not leaving anything behind. My dad was telling me how worried my mum and sister were, I was only half listening.

Finally the doctor came, it was half 5. I felt so relieved. He started asking me the same questions the paramedics asked, but I did not care I just answered them all once again. The doctor told me there was nothing he could do today, there was no way he could close the wounds yet. He explained why but I was only half listening. He said he was going to put something on it to help it heal up a bit, before getting the stitches. He said he was going to disinfect it. I saw him get cotton and a weird looking bottle. He thoroughly wet the cotton with some red substance, and gently put it down on my hard sore skin, it started burning. The pain was too much to take, I felt like I was going to fate from the pain, I closed my eyes because looking made me think more of the pain. I could not take it, it was too much for me to handle, and I felt numb.

In conclusion to what happened I know that anything can happen to you whether you expect it or not, life will go on. You have to live life to its full, and enjoy it. I also learnt not too complain too much because there are people out there that have been through a lot worse that I have. This is a lesson life has taught me; Live life to its full.

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