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Using the concepts, theories and principles from your readings from Chapters 1 through 6, the internet or any other resources, address the following the questions. Your responses for each question should be thorough enough to completely address the questions and not less than two, double-spaced paragraphs typed in a 12 font pitch. Remember to cite any sources you use. After you complete this exam, save it on your computer or drive. Then return to the online course and upload the file using the Midterm Exam link in the course.

1.Discuss the evolution of business ethics as a field of study from before 1960 to the present. Include examples exemplifying positive impacts of these changes.

2.Discuss the current state of business ethics in the twenty-first century. Give specific examples of ethics used by businesses within the past five years.

3.Why is ethical misconduct more difficult to overcome than poor financial performance? Do some stakeholders suffer more from ethical misconduct than from poor financial performance? Explain.

4.List three business problems, situations, or opportunities that you believe are ethical issues. Explain why.

5.According to the text, the opinions of society, as expressed through legislation, can change over time and different courts and government legislatures may take different views about the acceptability of specific business activities. Why is this so? What business activity do you see changing as a result of the judicial or legislative systems?

6.Trace the ethical decision-making process. You may find it helpful to apply the model to a real business situation or to a hypothetical ethical issue you develop yourself.

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