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Since the ancient times human race started to spread from its cradle across the whole world in quest for the better environmental conditions. Later, in the Middle Ages, the main reason to move to new lands was the hope to escape the persecution on religious views. The other reason why people were setting off is a search for a safe place to escape the horrors of war.

Today the main driving motives have changed not much, people still tend to move in a search for a better life, but the very process has acquired some specific features. For example, nowadays, people leaving their homes in quest for a better job, to earn money and by it to support not only themselves but also their family.

In general, we should discriminate between two types of migration:

  • internal migration – when people moving within the borders of their country from one region to another;
  • and external migration – as usual it represents a travel from a poorer state to a wealthier one.

            Both these two processes have many driving factors in common, mostly they are degradation and stagnation

of economy, in other words it’s the absence of possibility to provide normal life conditions(here

I have not included the war  as the war refugees is a separate issue). Thus, we can differentiate between two categories of migrants: those moving inside the native country and those who are willing to work oversees. With the first one category, everything is quite simple as they don’t endure the complete change of social environment.  The latter experience more problems as they confront the xenophobia, a highly negative attitude of native population toward the comers.

There’re many reasons for such attitude(just recall Martin Scorsese’s “Gangs Of New York “) . As usually migrants are coming from the poorer states and ready to work for less money then the native population. In most cases here, the natives are afraid that comeres would take their job places. Moreover, illegal migrants may easily beef up the criminal lines, as in most cases they unqualified and unable to find job.

There’s also a collision of cultures and mentalities. In such harsh conditions, the migrants start to consolidate and create detached groups, living on own principles, preserving their original way of life. It’s some kind of a protective mechanism against new socium. For example in many American cities, there’re many culturally “detached” areas such as China Town and Briton Beach (Russian quarters in Big Apple) etc. In those places, the migrants preserving their native culture and customs, it’s a place where the migrants attempt to reproduce the things they had at homeland.

The issue of migration today is of a high importance as the very processes have greatly changed and today global community is facing not just illegal border crossing but the international criminal nets proliferating prostitution, slave labor, human trafficking and sucking its huge profits from the eternal human strive to find a better life…


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