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Mind Museum Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Tracing back to its roots, mind museum was offiacially opened to public some time on 2012, many people somehow loved it because it was the very first science museum of its scale and scope in the Philippines. it offered alot of knowledge giving facts to its every visitor. based also on its offiacial site, “the Mind Museum would like to help give the next generation of Filipinos this currency of mind. While The Mind Museum is not a substitute for schools, we would like to help breed scientific literacy that will help everyone, whoever you are and whatever you are doing in life, to be inspired to understand nature”. the museum will not only give the kwolegde on every invention that they created but they also guarantee that they will give you the satisfactory feeling of enjoynment in every section of the museum that you are in. i believe that the museum is very interactiveand is very beneficial to everyone, alln people, not just children will sure enjoy the museum at its best.

It was actually my first time to go in the mind museum, it was also a mixture of shock disbelief and eventual acceptance of reality that this is it!!! no backing out, i hought that the travel will take a lot of time, but to my surprise it only took for about an hour. i was really astonished about how they created it, and i was like ” is this for real? i felt like i was in los

angeles” . to be honest, it was really a life changing experience! i had fun, i enjoyed and i

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savored every moment. my blockmates took a lot of pictures, picture there and picture there, and me, nothing really significant happened to me, as usual, was just in the corner doing some unusual stuffs, coz i’m not really into pictures. as we go through every section of the museum, we interacted with different kinds of inventions, facts and articles that are something new, something that we never heard before. here, learning is educational and at the same time learning is fun! the first thing that welcomed us in the museum was the talking robot, her name is Aedi, she is girl i think, and she is talking about the museum.

She is the one who welcomed us, she told us that we will enjoy about the interactive attractionsn of their place. after the informative talk that the robot dilevered, we finally roamed around and we enjoyed every single part of the museum. The museum is subdivided into five parts the Universe, Earth, Life, Atom and Technology. We first go to the solar system or our galaxy since it is closer to the first location that we are in. it was really awesome, it feels like we are really out in the galaxy. you can see there the giant sun, the moon which you can actually see how it changes its shape and the blinking stars that add up the spice in that particular section of the museum. After that we parted ways, some went to the second floor,som went to the 3d room and too bad for me and for the others because we was not able to watch it its because we lack time. but its okay we enjoyed discovering new things in the earth section.

With the help of the twisted lack, we entered into the science room out of our consciousness escorted by the resident scientist. we really learned a lot from him, about how to become an air bender ( it was fun). he also explained why coke in can is more denser than the coke light, he also exucuted all those things.

As time pass by, i came into realization that each time that passes, i’m getting older and older. I dont know i get into that kind of realization, it just pooped out from my mind without me knowing! i think that this is just the good side effect of eating the so called “oaties” of quaker, i’m starting to love thisss!

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