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Mind guides behaviour, which shapes a person’s capabilities and skills. Therefore, mind indirectly determines whether an individual will succeed in the future. So what minds are required for individuals to achieve future success? A researcher in psychology, Howard Gardner, answered the question: the disciplined, synthesizing, creating, respectful and ethical minds should be cultivated in educational institutions and at the workforce. Therefore, practitioners in the business world have to foster these minds as well to become informed and responsible business professionals. This essay will demonstrate why the five minds are required for a qualified business professional and how the Master of Commerce (MCom) program enables me to develop those minds.

According to Gardner (2007, p.3), the disciplined mind nurture distinctive modes of cognition to specific professions and it takes plenty of time to acquire professional knowledge and to hone the related skills. A qualified business professional should be highly disciplined because with solid business knowledge and necessary skills, most tasks, including those difficult, could be accomplished readily and he would gain trust from supervisors and colleagues. As a consequence, the professional could make more contribution to the organization and will be an indispensable employee. In addition, a highly disciplined business professional could quickly learn new knowledge and improve skills to adapt to the rapidly changing business world. The MCom enables me to gain a broad business foundation and could equip me with deep understanding of the chosen specializations. However, a large amount of extra time is needed since the knowledge and skills taught in class are not sufficient to train a person to be a qualified business professional, who should be a lifelong learner.

The synthesizing mind cultivates the ability of integrating information from disparate sources organically. Gardner (2007, p.3) argued that this capacity is becoming increasingly essential in the era of information explosion, especially for managers who have to deal with different information simultaneously. Without the synthesizing capability, people at the workplace will be overwhelmed by floods of information and cannot complete tasks in an organic way. As a result, the efficiency and the effect will both be adversely affected. Thereby, synthesizing capability must be fostered by business practitioners. Moreover, it has to be mentioned that the prerequisite of synthesizing skill is to foster the ability of analysing various kinds of information. Fortunately, these two capabilities will be frequently developed in the MCom. A typical example is analysing economic statistics and synthesizing them to make an investment decision in financial market.

Creativity is also essential to develop because creating mind could put forth new ideas and breaks new ground (Gardner 2007, p.7). Unlike scientific and technological areas, major creative breakthroughs are relatively rare in business area. However, small changes in professional practices in the area could be made as well. For me, the creating mind includes searching for a better approach or analyse business cases from different angles. Even though it seems inappreciable to do these things separately, the accumulation of these trials might bring about significant improvement of study and working efficiencies in the future. From my perspective, this could be defined as major breakthrough in the business world. Thus, business professionals should often be aware of looking for new ideas to the cases at the workplace.

The respectful and ethical minds deal with the relations to other human beings. The respectful mind requires individuals to esteem and understand differences between individuals. Respecting others means respecting oneself because disrespect will be responded by disrespect. Informed business professionals should be especially conscious of this because only if each individual receives respect from others, they are willing to corporate with each other and accomplish team tasks efficiently. Cultivating respectful mind needs me to realize more differences in culture, working pattern, and life style. The multicultural backgrounds of MCom students provide me the precious opportunity to welcome and understand differences between each other. The ethical mind requires individuals to put themselves into a larger circumstance and think about their roles in it (Gardner 2007, p.8). Since each individual has ethical impact to the whole society, each person should behave unselfishly and remember the obligations to the society. By the same token, aside from pursuing profitability, a responsible business professional should also take social responsibility. The course of Teams, Ethics and Competitive advantage and the related content taught in other course in MCom could always reminds me of being ethical.

In conclusion, the disciplined, synthesizing, creating, respectful and ethical minds proposed by Howard Gardner are necessary for a practitioner in the business world to develop to become an informed and responsible business professional. Moreover, the MCom itself and its related characteristics could enable me to further improve my capabilities and skills required.

List of References:

1. Gardner, H 2007, Minds Viewed Globally: A Personal Introduction, Harvard Business Press Publishing Corporation, Boston, Massachusetts.

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