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There are two types of mindsets, and they are growth or fixed mindsets. I think that I am the type of person that has a growth mindset. I think that this is the type of person I am because of how I can both grow in intelligence and can change it at my own will. Also a favorite memory of mine, which was taking my drivers test, showed me that this description of a growth mindset fit me perfectly, because I had confidence going in to take the test, and I passed. The growth mindset is one in which the person is able to grow in intelligence. Also if someone has a growth mindset they can always substantially change how intelligent they are. The other type of mindset is called the fixed mindset, but I know that the fixed mindset is not me. The people who have a fixed mindset have very basic intelligence, and they believe that they can’t really change how intelligent they are. I think that before I took my driver’s test that I had confidence about taking it but I wasn’t really sure then what my mindset was because the experience didn’t happen yet.

I also convinced myself that I might be a slight mixture of both mindsets, but for me I think that I am more of a growth mindset because of the characteristics that I portrayed in this favorite memory of mine. A favorite memory of mine which showed me that I have a growth mindset was when I got my driver’s license for the first time at age sixteen. I remember that I faced this challenge with all the confidence in the world, and that meant that I knew that this drivers test I would remember for life because of how it showed me what type of mindset that I am. I also still had all of my confidence still with me even though this was a type of thing that most people loose once the test becomes real, but for me it as smooth as possible which showed me that I could change how intelligent I can be.

After I had passed the driver’s test I knew that I had made my mind up on what type of mindset person I was and how this memory was going to be my favorite one ever. In conclusion, I believe that the type of mindset that I have is a growth mindset because how I have had a moment in my life where I was certain that I was this type of person. Also I think that since I now know what type of mindset that I have that I will probably now be better off in life from it.

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