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Minerva (name)- Roman Athena, goddess of strategy, knowledge/wisdom. Minerva knows how to get what she wants, like with her going to the university/law school, being apart of the revolution (LEADER!), wanted to be educated in jail so had “the little school”, she wanted Lio (even though that Dede wanted him, she still got him.) Courage to: (small steps from family courage, building to political courage) 1. Ask El Jefe WHATEVER she wanted, she wasn’t afraid of him!!. 2. voiced her thoughts in prison, laughed a lot, even got put in solitary multiple times. 3. Didn’t want to be pardoned because she did nothing wrong, therefore couldn’t be pardoned, refused to apologize. 4. stood up to her father about his second family, even crashed one of his cars into the back of another, and when she was slapped she didn’t back down. 5. didn’t take crap from anybody, stood up for self and family!! she had moral courage. 6.play, had to cover up her friends “arrow incident”

7. always encouraged others that everything would be alright when she was falling apart herself. 8. stood up to guards on house arrest like when they were sitting on their porch and she told them to shit up because people were sleeping. 9. takes risk by seeing the woman doctor to stop being trailed by Trujillo’s men. 10. slaps Trujillo at party AND leaves early.

*gave all of her inheritance so the second family girls can have an education. *gave up some luxuries at prison to other people, was very equal about possessions.

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