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1.“ I will take ZAR 620 000 000.00 when I’ve done a year’s work in order to get really, really rich.”

2.“All people will take ZAR 620 000 000.00 when they’ve done a year’s work to get really, really rich.”

3.“In all likelihood, if all people were taking ZAR 620 000 000.00 when they have done a year’s work, in that year we would have a very strong economy as people would be paying more taxes etc. The cost of living could also rise immensely. There would also be the risk of people keeping the money for themselves and stop working after this year of high earnings which means the economy will take a major dive. It is highly likely that the original maxim is not conceivable in a world ruled by universal law and will not pass step 3.”

Kant will describe Basson as a man of virtue. Kant defines virtue as “the moral strength of a human being’s will in fulfilling his duty”.

After doing some research on Whitey Basson’s career and earnings, and even though he is one of the top earning executives he has proven to deserve what he earns. He has built up his reputation through years of hard work and through his business philosophy, which is centred around the improvement of people’s lives. He is also quite involved with charities and really gives back to society.

I stand by my answer. I still believe that Whitey Basson has worked really hard to earn this amount of money. He also started at the bottom and through years of hard work and dedication earned himself a spot at the top.

A person like this really is a role model to anyone. He certainly motivates me to strive to be more diligent in my own work and makes me more determined to reach all my goals for the future.

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