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Missouri Compromise Argumentative Essay Sample

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Missouri Compromise Argumentative Essay Sample

1. What global changes prompted the Monroe Doctrine? What were its key provisions? How does it show America’s growing international presence? -The Monroe Doctrine was created on December 2nd, 1823 which proclaimed European powers would no longer interfere or colonize with affairs within the Americas. It limited the power for the European culture. Also, the United States decided to stay neutral with the Europeans and their colonies. The three main concepts consisted of separate spheres of influence for the Americas and Europe, non-colonization, and non-intervention. 2. How did Andrew Jackson represent the major developments of the era: westward movement, the market revolution, and the expansion of democracy for some alongside the limits on it for others? -Andrew Jackson was the first president to be sworn into office on the East Portico of the Capital. In 1850, he demanded his place in politics and was part of the westward movement.

He initiated an Indian removal policy that forced all natives to relocate to the Mississippi River. Jackson also got his way in the nullification battle and triumphed again when he vetoed the charter of the national bank. Things only got worse and shifted over time. 3. How did the expansion of white male democracy run counter to the ideals of the founders, who believed government should be sheltered from excessive influence by ordinary people? -Government was founded by brilliant men, who created the idea that all men should be created equal. With these ideas, they did not want to include the African Americans, and accepted that they were only to be treated as slaves in the South. 4. What were the components of the American System, and how were they designed to promote the national economy under the guidance of the federal government? – The American System was rooted in the “American School” ideas of Alexander Hamilton.

The plan consisted of three mutually reinforcing parts: a tariff to protect and promote American industry; a national bank to foster commerce; and federal subsidies for roads, canals, and other ‘internal improvements’ to develop profitable markets for agriculture. 5. How did the Missouri Compromise and the nullification crisis demonstrate increasing sectional competition and disagreements over slavery? – Missouri Compromise- Missouri petitioned to become a state and join the union as a slave state. At the time there were 11 Free states and 11 slave states so the county was balanced but now since Missouri wanted to come in that would make it uneven, therefore the Northerners were angry that it wanted to become a slave state and didn’t want it to happen. In the end, what the compromise did was add Missouri as a slave state but then to make it even they made Maine a state as well and added it as a free state.

The northerners and southerners disagreed over the James Tallmadege’s proposal of not introducing anymore slaves into Missouri.Nullification Crisis- In 1828 congress passed a bill authorizing new tariffs on imported manufacturing cloth and iron. The cost rose a lot so the legislature of South Carolina looked again at the doctrine of nullification 6. According to Martin Van Buren, why were political parties a desirable element of public life? What did he do to build the party system? -The American System was rooted in the “American School” ideas of Alexander Hamilton. The plan consisted of three mutually reinforcing parts: a tariff to protect and promote American industry, a national bank to foster commerce, and federal subsidies for roads, canals and other internal improvements to develop profitable markets for agriculture. He also thought political parties were part of desirable elements of public life because it gave a check to those in power and gave voters real choice in elections.

7. What were the major economic, humanitarian, political and social arguments for and against Indian removal? -The major arguments for Indian removal were that due to an increase in cotton productions because of the newly invented cotton gin farmers needed more land for their plantation. This created pressure on Indian Land. Another reason was that Americans felt superior to Indians, but the final major argument was that they should try to assimilate the Indians into American society as was done with the Cherokees. 8. What were the key issues that divided the Democratic and Whig parties? Where did each party stand on those issues? The three main causes were war, government involvement in private fiscals, government spending, opposed and supporting tariffs, and legalization of citizens. 9. Explain the causes and effects of the Panic of 1837.

-Some causes included the economic policies of President Jackson. By Jackson issuing the Specie Circular, simply removed the federal treasury as a dumping ground for the depreciating paper. Some of the causes were that local private banks called pet banks were printing money without any printing regulations which led to inflation. The effects were that many businesses failed, farmers lost their land, and there was a high surplus of unemployed labor.

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