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Statistics and survey are misused and not accurate because of many factors. The types of these statistics are found suspect samples, asking Biased questions and misleading graphs. There are businesses that use these statistics with questions to convice people to accept the statistics. People need to understand what is and not being persented in the statistics. The two examples that I will talk about will be either implied connections, or ambrguous average. These types of misleading and misused examples is used as a scheme for you to buy into it. The first example is number 3 on page 810. It states: “In an ad for women the following statement was made for everyhundred women, 91 have taken the road less traveled”. This statement uses some implied connections that are confusing in an effort to convince people that an ad said for every hundred women that 91 have taken the road less traveled.

It doesn’t say that a survey was conducted and has been proven that out of every hundreds of women only 91 say they have taken the road less traveled. There is on the other hand a clear implication that 91 out of a hundred women have traveled the road less traveled in some point of their lives.This example says that in an ad for women for every hundred women 91 of them has traveled the road less traveled. . The implied connection states that from a magizine of a women ad that for every hundred women 91 of them has travedled the road less traveled. It doesn’t discuss who surveyed the ad but implies that an ad was in a women magizine saying this. There is no evidence that proves that the ad was from a survey of hundred women and out if the hundred women on 91 of them say theu traveled the road less traveled. The second example number 16 page 812.

This exercise state, “Do you think that it is not important to give extra tutoring to students who are not failing?” This is asking a Biased question. I don’t know if it is young or older students that dosen’t need tutoring who are not failing. It does use an ambiguous average that students that isn’t failing need tutoring but does not state age of students who are not failing need to be tutored. This questions has no proof that students that isn’t failing need tutoring. This question is misleading to the students that is failing and may need extra tutoring. In conclusion both exercise are typical misleading and misused examples. Both don’t provide clear evidence or information so people are lead into believing these schemes.


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