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I. Introduction.
Before, mixed use building was invented by one of the modernist architect Le Corbusier to separate industrial zoning that produced pollution and to protected public health and residential property value in Paris. (Wikipedia.org). In today’s urban and suburban development, mixed-use development is becoming increasingly essential for the creation of an attractive and sustainable environment that promotes economic vitality, social equity and environmental quality. (Flynn, L, 2003). In urban areas, has a trend to be vertical, with retail, office, and residential loaded to maximize density. In suburban areas, broader and horizontal developments in the form of town centres developments are successful.

The designers and developers all over the world attribute the motivation behind such development schemes to the public’s desire for a community. Mixed-use development schemes are often endorsed as essential towards the creation and preservation of an attractive and sustainable living environment. On the contrary, Philippines has voluminous mixed-use buildings are built in different areas of the different companies like Ayala Land, Garces Real Estate, Robinsons Land , etc. , but this trends of mixed-use development provides insufficient solution on the daily subsists and needs of Filipinos.

II. Background of the Study
During the American occupation, Manila seemed to be a much better looking and cleaner city than it is today. One of Manila’s well-known streets, the Escolta, could also be the oldest. It was originally designed by the American to apply the traditional town planning of America like in downtown in New York, to be a business hub of Manila. Detectable by observing the streets, the roads are narrow keeping the flow of automobile slow, parking slots are parallel to the sidewalk allowing the pedestrian to park and to leave quickly. The genius loci of Escolta are to enjoy and use the space in diversely. Escolta now represents the trace of a past era, abandoned by commerce. For the most part, it vanished with its exaltation as Manila’s downtown area (Lougopal, 2012). Currently, after World War II, Escolta was left to decay. It’s once pedestrian and vehicular traffic congestion, now a thing of a past. People it left to decline, as a hub of commerce and became of oldness and uninviting. Now Escolta is facing urban sprawl.

Urban sprawl is a complex concept centered on the increase of auto-oriented, low-density development (Wikipedia.org). Due to migration, businesses moved to other places. Urban decay is relatively apparent in Escolta. Illegal settlers are seen in any part of the site encourages crime and anti-social behaviour. As well as the crime rates are raging whether in daytime and nigh time. Statistically says that there is 23.33% chances crime of walking alone during daylight and there are 51.79% chances of crime while walking alone night safety walking alone during daylight, therefore it is safer to walk alone during daytime than nigh time (numbeo.com, 2012). Virtually, Escolta was uncultivated and uncivilized. Homeless people have an impact in terms of security and safety. Repressed by the commerce, but the spirit of the place is still alive considering the heterogenic use of the place and diverse culture of Filipinos.

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