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It is era of mobile phones and it has become an important part of our life. Some years back the mobiles were mainly used for calling but now the industry of mobile has taken a great leap.

Now, mobiles are used for various purposes and helps in great deals of work. If one has a mobile in his hand then it may be said that he has the whole world in his hand. Mobile phones have many advantages as well as many disadvantages.

If we talk about its advantages then there are a number of it which help us in our daily life , our studies, our work , etc. If we want to know about the current things happening in the world then it is very easy to know as there are many applications which help us . It also helps us in reaching the destination through the maps which are installed in mobiles. There are numerous more advantages of it which help us .

As there are advantages there are many disadvantages too. If we have something logged in , in our mobile , for instance any social networking site then if it gets into some wrong person’s hand it would be a great problem . The person could message any one anything which would give us troubles. If someone reads our messages – personal or of our work then if the person has bad intentions , he would start black mailing us for our messages.

As there are advantages , there are many disadvantages too of mobiles .

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