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‘Mobile phones are more of a nuisance than a benefit.’ Discuss The mobile phone is a device which has revolutionized the world of technology. In fact the mobile phone started with the keypad buttons and has now attained the ‘touch screen’ system. Nowadays three persons out of five possess a mobile phone. It is a tool which is used everyday and is sometimes essential for someone depending on the type of job, one does. For instance, businessmen use their mobile phones much for transactions or for teleconferencing. However, it is difficult to say whether the mobile phone is more of a nuisance than a benefit. It is a controversial issue as like every technology, it has its drawbacks. Mobile phones have a wireless communication system installed inside them. This wireless communication system is made possible by incoming solar radiation and everyone knows that radiation of any sort is bad for health. Most people do not want to believe it but this is something which has been scientifically proven. It is said that carrying mobiles for an excessively long period of time may cause an individual to suffer from leukemia, organ paralysis, infertility and lots more.

There are also probabilities that due to this radiation, the structure of our genes may be altered permanently. As this is solar radiation emitted directly from the sun, researchers have not been fully able to understand what it might do to our bodies, the casualties might be much worse. Throughout the years man has degraded his physicality by polluting the environment, fattening him and mostly due to lack of exercise. At this critical condition of the human body, man had to start using cell phone which is very much responsible for increasing the speed of the above three factors in weakening the human body. Youngsters are more prone to suffer from these health complications as they make notorious us of mobile phones. As known to many, little as five hundred to one thousand minutes per month can increase the probability of brain cancer by three hundred per cent. Moreover it can also cause disturbance in sleep, difficulty in concentration, fatigue and hyperactivity in new born children.

Chances of Alzheimer’s disease, ear defects and blurring of vision are noticed to be higher in cell phone users. In addition, cell phones damage key brain cells as well as DNA. At school mobile phones distract students. Pupils do not follow in class as they are busy playing with their phones sending text messages, or transferring data of all sorts through the Bluetooth feature. As a result of this excessive us of mobile phones, the academic performance of the students is quite diminished. In fact, a mobile phone ringing in class undoubtedly hinders students in their study. At home it is the family life which is the victim of mobile phones as children as well as parents forsake it. They spend most of their time with their cell phones. In some cases communication is thoroughly absent among members of the family. The excessive use of mobile phones directly attacks the social life of somebody. Due to such popularity, companies are constantly coming up with new software, features and models to attract more buyers and make higher profits. Hence the public would want to install new features and keep their handsets up to date, spending more money and time this way. They could also be tempted into getting hold of the latest phones even if their old ones are functioning, incurring unnecessary expenses without consideration.

Furthermore, using mobile phone while driving undeniably increases the risk of accidents. Conversation on cell phones, both hand held and hands free can influence driving performance because the driver cannot focus fully on driving. Using cell phone severely impairs a driver’s memory and reaction times by disrupting signals to and within the brain. Mobile phones not only affect our health and social behavior but also the environment. The fauna is another victim of mobile phones especially birds. Every year, new towers reaching heights of two hundred and fifty feet are built for mobile phones all over the world, even on top of mountains, which thousands of flying birds crash into. Common conjecture is that birds have a special sensitivity to microwave radiation. So when flying in the night they rely on their senses instead of sight. As a consequence of cell phones being widespread, millions of birds are led to death. A more urgent issue is the improper disposal of cell phones.

An estimated sixty five thousand tones of electrical garbage is contributed by mobile phones annually and the figure is increasing at an alarming rate. This is becoming a growing concern as mobile phones contain toxic chemicals and metals which lead to a vast pollution such as land pollution. When internal organs, brain, nervous systems, reproductive system and even result in seizures or osteoporosis, especially in young children. The most dangerous thing with lead is that it can be fatal when consumed. In short the drawbacks of an excessive us of cell phones or merely the disadvantages of mobile phones itself threaten man in his social behavior as well as the environment where he lives. The impact of cell phones is definitely a danger to humanity and sooner or later measures will have to be taken in order to solve this problem before the situation deteriorates.

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