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Genre: Mockingjay is a young adult science fiction novel. I know this because it has many impossible non-realistic elements that are impossible in today’s day in age, for example the technology the Capitol uses against the districts is sometimes unbelievable and they haven’t been created yet. Protagonists: The main protagonist is Katniss Everdeen. Katniss is a persistent young women and she overcomes many obstacles over and over again in this series. Gale is another protagonist in this book. Even though he has been in the other books this is the first time he’s played a major role. Gale is a courageous young man who has very strong feelings for Katniss even though she doesn’t return the feelings. Then, there is Peeta Mellark. He’s another protagonist. The book brings him up a lot but due to his capture and then mental breakdown he kind of takes a little bit of a back seat role for the majority of the book even though he is still very important to the book. Peeta was very affectionate towards Katniss in the beginning but then the Capitol captures him and alters his view of her.

Setting: The story mostly takes place in District 13 in Panem. District 13 is perhaps located in or around today’s Pennsylvania. It is an underground facility where people live. Above ground it looks like an abandoned ruined city. These remnants are from the time the Capitol attacked them many years ago and destroyed their city. District 13 and the Capitol have a top-secret agreement to avoid any type of conflict in an effort to avoid nuclear war. There are also important scenes in the Capitol and District 12. Conflict: When Katniss comes back from the Quarter Quell arena she finds out her home has been destroyed by the wicked Capitol. Although her mother, Prim and Gale are safe, Peeta has been captured by President Snow’s evil pawns. All the districts of Panem are rising up against the Capitol. Katniss now has to become the Mockingjay. Katniss must decide if she either wants to be a part of the rebellion or if she will let the rebels fight without her participation.

But, Katniss decides she has to be the Mockingjay in order to end the war between the Districts and the Capitol. It is the only way they have a chance. When Peeta was hijacked by President Snow they brainwashed him with this awful drug used to alter his memories of Katniss. This made him think that Katniss was a threat to him. After Katniss and her squad rescued Peeta, he attempts to choke Katniss and he tells her she is a mutation created by the Capitol. They stop him and get him under control until they can convince him that they programed him into believing a lie. Katniss still continues to underestimate herself because she doesn’t have enough confidence that she is truly the only one who can get the people to rally against the Capitol; but she finds the strength and she does.

Resolution: In conclusion, Katniss is so heart broken by the brutal death of her sister Prim that she goes into a deep depression. The whole basis of how this whole story began is when Katniss sacrifices herself and volunteers to compete in the Hunger Games. To then see her sister violently killed in a bomb explosion is almost prophetic and is tragic. You knew it was just too good to be true and Katniss was never going to be able to save her sister. Prim was meant to die. Once Katniss overcomes her depression, she leads a small group of rebels into the Capitol. Their mission was to KILL President Snow, but in his place Katniss kills President Coin from District 13 instead. She does this because President Coin was planning on repeating history and following in President Snow’s footsteps by continuing the Hunger Games. Paylor is then elected as President to lead the country after President Coin is assassinated and President Snow dies from choking on his own blood. After the war is over, Peeta arrives in District 12. Katniss and Peeta become close friends and then later develop a relationship and marry 20 years later.

They have 2 children a boy and a girl. Peeta no longer thinks of Katniss as being an evil creation of the Capitol they have a wonderful life together in the end. Theme: The theme in the Mockingjay is to have courage to endure even when the battle is uphill. Although, Katniss succeeded she second guessed herself many times and almost gave up. But she underwent many obstacles to become the people’s hero in the end. I believe if you have the guts and perseverance needed you can overcome any obstacles in life no matter the odds. Almost everyone in the Mockingjay, like the rebels and even some upper class people from the Capitol had the courage to go against the norm and help the rebels. Fearlessness is what helped the rebels face the overwhelming odds in the end. Connection: The book reminds me of some topics in the world today for instance if you look at some communist countries like Cuba the people are left in the dark about the world around them most of the time. They are cut off from the world.

They only know what the President wants them to know. They are trapped in Cuba and they are not allowed to travel from country to country freely. It’s similar to how the people in the districts are unable to leave their districts freely to visit other districts they are prisoners in their own district. Cubans are told by Fidel Castro what to do, just like President Snow tells them what to do and how to live. There is no freedom in both situations. Recommendation: I completely recommend this entire series. Although I was sad to see the series end and I don’t know how I will ever live without The Hunger Games! I think they did a good job in end of the series. I would recommend these books to a friend because it is so creative and realistic even with the science fiction elements. We still have to understand that the world is not perfect and there aren’t always happy endings but there is still light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve never read a book like this before and I would love to read other books similar to this series.

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