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Modern Essays


Future Trends & Strategic Opportunities

Market Analysis Summary Although the restaurant industry is very competitive, the lifestyle changes created by the demands of modern living continue to fuel its steady growth. More and more people have less time and ability to cook for themselves. In addition,

Elements of art

Subject matter: modern artwork Marcando el relampago II by Tina Fuentes. Medium: mixed media on board Composition and content: the painting Marcando el relampago II is all about colours, as we can see the painting the artist used organic shapes in the painting to represent

Bargaining Power of Buyers

Threat of New Entrants Currently there are a few different quantities of choices for Chipotle show in the market, in any case it does not imply that if the market is inundated, new players will not enter. So there is

What is Modern Effective Leadership?

Over the years, individuals have found it difficult to differentiate between management and leadership. The process of taking a team from ordinary to the extraordinary levels will make one in the right position to understand the difference between leadership and

The Post Modern Era

            The modern era saw the advent of computing skills which have been a major factor in development.  Knowledge management has laid emphasis on the creation and deployment of corporate knowledge, a foundation for meaning in the modern era.  The

Tate Modern

As one of the most celebrated architectural buildings in UK, Tate Modern is the finest example of adaptive reuse. Conceived by Pritzker Prize winners Laureates Herzog & de Meuron, Tate Modern, the truly grand art gallery in London was fashioned

Modern Day Factories

I have often thought about this subject in my own time. There was a time in our history where we as Americans would do whatever it took to produce products that could be sold throughout the world. I think about

Parody Case

For centuries artists have parodied individuals, groups, institutions and their actions, beliefs, and ideas both to entertain and to offer critical commentary. For instance, Cervantes pokes fun at medieval romance in his Don Quixote, Chaplin challenges Hitler’s power by parodying

Ancient Greek Contributions to the Modern Western World

The foundation of many things in the Western world come from Ancient Greek civilization. Many philosophies, sports, arts and even medical treatments have their basis in Ancient Greek traditions. Contributions to our current civilization still continue to exist today. Perhaps

Brief History Of Electricity

Electricity is important in our everyday lives. It is essential for almost everything in our modern world. The knowledge learned in the past about electricity enabled such things as engines, telephones, radios, computers, and much, much more. As early as

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