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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Modern technology is creating a single world culture. Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.

Looking back in history, cultures and customs were determined by the society where people lived. Therefore, culture was different from one country to another. In the present, technology has changed the culture, and how people live in society. I think modern technology is gradually creating a single world culture, because of the influence from the media, Internet, and the telecommunication. First of all, media is everywhere. Media can be seen on home television, big LED screens, and even at public transportations. There are also media such as radios that are used for broadcasting news or even songs that are from the past to the present. Moreover, people get influenced from media that has changed the way people live. For example, fashion is changing everyday. People can see the difference how they dress up in their culture versus what the media has told us what is up to date. Media also uses commercials to target news customers to buy their product. For instance, because of the influence from the media, people want big eyes so they buy contact lens to improve their looks.

What they do not notice is that, contact lens make the eyes itch making it uncomfortable and can lead to infections. Secondly, Internet has become the way for sharing information publicly and privately online. One of the popular ways of sharing information is through social websites such as Facebook, Twitter, or Skype. For example, in the past people communicated through mail and then by telephone. The change of technology has made communication faster and more reliable. People no longer take time for write a letter, or even sending a printed invitation. News travels faster than the speed of sound to provide information all over the world at the same time. Thirdly, telecommunication is moving us toward one language world. Today, people use short abbreviations to make the language simple and quick. One of the good examples would be through online chatting.

For instance, in the past when a person finds it funny they would just type hahaha, but today a person would type LMAO (Laugh My Ass Off). Another example would be in the past when a person loved someone he or she would probably type “I Love You”. Today, a person would type “ILY” or “Luv chu” and everyone all over the world understands what is being said. Some people would say that modern technology is not creating a single culture world, because we can still see that there are many differences between one culture and another. However, in my opinion if we look at younger generation we can see how a single culture is already in process. To sum up, modern technology is changing everyone’s culture. We can see this through how this media is changing our fashions, how the Internet is changing the way of sharing information, and telecommunication is changing the way we use language. In the future, we could expect to see teenagers from different parts of the world with many things in common.

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