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My parents are distinct as much as they are similar. Despite their different beliefs, they both care for me and want to help, protect, and educate me until I’m ready for college. They expect me to have good grades,and follow their rules. Although my parents usually agree with each other, they are different in what they believe to be important. My mom believes that music is very important so she expects me to practice my violin every single day. If I don’t practice because of homework or something, she tells me that I should not forget violin and I would find myself practicing. On the other hand, my dad values my education and doesn’t really care whether I practice my violin or not. He just makes sure that I did all my homework and I study enough. Also, when I ask my parents something, I usually get the answer I want. But, there are some differences in that. When I ask my dad something, he usually says “yes” literally to everything I ask so I can’t really count on him whether I made a good choice or not. But my mom is different.

When I ask my mom about something, she usually thinks about it and tells me the answer and the reason why she said it. So, even if I really don’t like my mom’s answer, at least I always understand the reason why she said it. My mom and dad are also very alike. They both make sure that I get a proper education and that I give my best to everything. Of course homework is the first thing after coming home from school. They also try their hardest to further my education by taking me to Super Teachers and others. They also make sure that they know where I am and that they know the friends with whom I spend time with. My parents are the same although they have differences. They both love me very much and care for me the best and I should thank them. Without them, I would have have thought of becoming a doctor and would have never accomplished anything. To this day, I really thank them and I am very happy that I have both of them to rely on.

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