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In the excerpt of Moments of Being, Virginia Woolf reflects upon her childhood summers spent with her dad and father. As Woolf relives that one joyful day, she intrigues the reader with her rich writing style. While telling her story, Virginia Woolf uses language techniques such sentence structure, punctuation, and metaphors to convey the importance of this nostalgia. Moments of Being attracts the reader to feel what Woolf did that day. Her work is strong, detailed, and full of life.

While reciting a boat voyage with her dad and brother, Woolf expresses her joy of catching a fish. She manipulated sentence structure to describe how she truly felt about this act. In the first part of the excerpt, Woolf uses short, broken up sentences to transmit the thrill of catching her first fish. She states, “there was a little leaping tug; then another; up one hauled;” to express that moment to the reader. This use of sentence structure creates a vivid imagination in the reader’s mind.

Distinctive punctuation use is also present in Moments of Being. Woolf’s uses this style to convey what is happening in the story. In the moments before the catch, Woolf interrupts herself to highlight the excitement when she states “…and then—how can I convey the excitement?” This use of the sentence incorporates punctuation that increases the speed of the moment and thus the passion for the memory.

In agreement with many people, a memory from childhood may seem as distant as the moon. Woolf, on the other hand, remembers brightly the fishing trip with her father and brother. The importance of this trip in her memories is shown by Woolf’s use of metaphors that portray her feelings. Midway of the excerpt, she states “white twisting fish” when it was “slapped on the floor.” With the use of a few words, Woolf manages to create a vivid imagination for the reader.

Virginia Woolf conveys the experiences of her childhood with the use of language techniques she has mastered over the years. Techniques such as punctuation, sentence structure, and metaphors establish a connection between her memories and the reader’s mind. Woolf’s choice of language techniques allows her exciting memories to regain attention and become alive once again.

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