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Money Does Not Buy Happiness

For a long time money and happiness has been compared and contrasted, but recently there has been more of a push to find a better understanding and correlation between the two. The author of True Wealth, Juliet B. Schor, suggests that this debate started around the 1970’s, although, the basic idea of consumerism is been around for virtually forever or for ever long goods have been made in large quantities. But does having more stuff really make you happier? Is someone with more money happier than the average person? In most peoples opinion’s it is the way you spend your time and the relationships you make.

In our society, people often put great emphasis on materials and possessions. Many believe that having more money would make them happier in life; but does money really provide true happiness? Having the money to provide food, clothing, and shelter is essential for everyone’s well being and happiness, but after those basic needs are fulfilled more money just offers materials not necessarily happiness. Money can buy all the material goods you want but at the end of the day they are just items and only provide you with temporary satisfaction.

People believe if they had more money it would make them happier. Certainly having more money can make things easier at times. It can relieve the stress or worry about bills, but it cannot take away all worries in life. Having meaningful relationships with family and friends is more beneficial and to some individuals essential to being happy with your self and in life in general. Healthy social relationships with other humans can make you feel better, relieve stress, or even help enjoy things in life more. Being around other people is not the only way to become happier; nature or being outdoors can also contribute to happiness of a person. Being outdoors can help to escape from stressful situations in everyday life or just help clear your mind with some fresh air. Leisure time is another factor that contributes to the happiness of a person. People often take trips or vacations to get away from the everyday life. These “get aways” can serve as a very useful way to be worry free for a while or even get closer with family. As a society, in the US we have become materialistic and have lost sight on the best things in life, social relationships, nature, and leisure time. These things are what truly matter in life and they are what make life worth living for.

The key to a life full of happiness is surrounding your self with good people that will help you whenever you are in need. These relationships with other people can help you through rough times and help you enjoy the good times. As humans, we are always in the pursuit of happiness. This pursuit is actually a journey not a destination, contrary to popular belief; it is something that cannot be obtained over night or by having excess money. Happiness is elusive; it is elusive because everyone is chasing it and wanting to achieve it but few actually do. The reason why it is so hard to achieve happiness is because most people are looking for it in the wrong places. Most people believe they will reach happiness when they have the next new gadget out on the market but new items are released all the time so they are constantly buying and never really realize it is only giving them temporary satisfaction.

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