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Relative from the thesis presented by Barloso, et al (2005), on computerized library system for Eastern Samar State University, it was clearly explained that: “Today even some universities and companies in our country or even the whole world are taking the advantage of using computers. The library is established for the purpose of serving people to help them in the research and even on their study. “Apparently, the use of computer in the library system, especially in the inventory of the materials of the library clientele, but also the compiling need to speed-up utter efficiency the delivery of service. If only to give more credence and satisfaction to the technical advantage of the computer over and above the traditional manual system, not withstanding with the present demands for the former (the computer), Lim and Gaviola (1999) in their undergraduate thesis at AMA Computer College, Quezon City stated; “With the very fast pace of technology, computer business are fields that have become inspirable, for a new concept called business or management tool..this tool meets this growing demands of user that provide satisfactory results…” RELATED LITERATURE

Nowadays organization increasingly finds that they must rely on effective supply chains, or networks, to successfully compete in the global market and networked economy. Proponent cited some relevant literatures which have a direct link to the proposed study. In Peter Drunker’s (1999) new management paradigm, the concept of business relationships extends beyond traditional enterprise boundaries relationships extends beyond traditional enterprise boundaries and seeks to organize entire business processes throughout a value chain of multiple companies.

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