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Mood Disorder Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

In this report I will be talking to you about a type of mood disorder known as bipolar mania. Sometimes given the circumstance’s the bipolar disorder can elevate from basic to excessive or extreme and hostile level, like bipolar type 2. Bipolar mania type 2 occurs when a person’s mood fluctuates between depression and anger irritability. As you read on I will explain and document symptoms of this disorder. I will diagnose Adam Saddlers character Happy Gilmore, as well as how it affected his everyday life. Examples of symptoms:

* Happy loved hockey * After his father’s death happy developed a short fuse. Wouldn’t take much to set him off. At the beginning of the movie he was playing hockey for team try outs. * First sign of anger irritability was when he beat up the opposing player for touching his hockey puck. Then hit the puck so hard it shattered the glass. * Following that he got anger because he didn’t get called for the team. The coach made a smug comment so in retaliation he beat the coach up and hit everyone that intervened. * The first sign of depression was when is Girlfriend left him because he was going nowhere with his life. He did not make the team so he felt it was hopeless. As a result he started making kissing sound to the speaker. * The second time he got anger was when the repo man told him that they were going to take his grandmother’s house and belongs because she did not pay taxes. He told the repo man that he didn’t hate him and right after that threw him through a glass door. As the movie progressed on happy experienced another episode of depression.

* The second time he got depressed was because he didn’t want his grandma to lose the very house his grandfather built by hand. To help get money to retrieve the house he entered the golf tour. * This time when he got anger he pushed the caddie for doing his job, wh

ich was to carry the golfers clubs. * Next his opponent was talking bad about his performance, so he

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with a smile pulled the guys shirt over his head, then off and punched him dead in the face. * He got anger and choked the caddie because he missed his shot. * But soon was depressed because he did not receive money for the first tour. * Met another girl and got depressed and had low energy, and felt like he wouldn’t ever have another chance at love or a relationship. * Next got angry because he swung at the ball and missed. As a result he used profanity like crazy.

* Following that he got irritated when he tapped the ball but it wouldn’t go in the hole so he yelled at the ball and speared the camera man. * Happy got so angry he had I quick impulse to grab a bottle broke it ready to fight right then and there. * Happy then got depressed when he found out that he wasn’t getting a big check. Instead he was going to have one mailed to him. * A change in behavior occurred when he got mad instead of going off severely like normal, he restrained his barbaric behavior. But unfortunately lost control and beat up the alligator that took Chubb’s hand because it took his ball and he wanted it back.

* Depression really hit as happy revealed the reason he joined the tour was make enough money to buy back the house. * He was playing golf with his partner Bob Barker (The Price Is Right Guy) and wasn’t doing that well. Got angry because Bob was talking bad about him and called him the worst golf player and hockey player, so he got into a huge fight with him. * He again got depressed because of the fight he got suspended and had to pay a $25.000 fine. * Got depressed cause he was scared that his grandma would never see the house again. * Next sign of anger was happy got mad when the clown putt in Happy Land spit out his ball so he proceeded to beat the nose off the clown. * Was depressed when Chubb’s feel out the window. He fell out the window after happy showed him the head of the alligator. That man was his teacher and like another father to him. He felt fully responsible for his death. Was scared didn’t know how he was going to play.

Change in behavior occurred; since the incident Happy has more confidence he wasn’t letting minor annoyances upset him as much. He was not cured. He learned how to cope. Happy Gilmore was bipolar. It didn’t take much to set him off. By being like that, he lost his girlfriend as well caused him a lot of problems in his life. He chose to deal with it using violence. You can’t cure someone who is diagnosed with bipolar mania but you can help them learn to cope with it. In his case, he needed to see it was ok to get mad and see he wasn’t alone. Once he understood that he found his happy place. Happy was able to ignore outside distractions. Golf was his treatment. Now as a result he reached his goals, and most important of all to cope with his disorder.

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