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Moon Essays


Blue Moon Article

All of us are familiar with the quotation “Once in a blue moon” which mean it only occurs once. But how come they call it a blue moon but practically speaking it is not blue? I have read an article

Europa Moon

Europa i is the sixth closest moon of the planet Jupiter, and the smallest of its four Galilean satellites, but still one of the largest moons in the Solar System. Europa was discovered in 1610 by Galileo Galilei[1]and possibly independently

Optical Illusions

An illusion is the distorted perception of a stimulus. They are not to be confused with hallucinations, which are false perceptions when there is no presence of a stimulus, in contrast, illusions are the misinterpretation of a true sensation (Illusion

Neil Armstrong

Neil Armstrong the first American man who walked on the moon Neil Alden Armstrong was born on August 5, 1930. He was born on his grandparents’ farm in Auglaize County. He has a sister named June, and a brother, Dean.

In Digging A Hole To The Moon

In Digging a Hole to the Moon, Scott Noon Creley, a poet who holds an MFA in writing from California State University, Long Beach, and a BA in writing from UC Riverside, writes many works of poetry. In his various

Poetry Analysis of Silver and The Moon

Five blind men, all possessing accurate but different portrayals of an elephant, show the new dimension one possess from looking at things from different perspectives. Supervising the activities on Earth, the only natural satellite on the Water Planet is perceived

Short Stories From Echoes

The two stories, “Araby” and “Going to The Moon”, seem to have a common theme, fascination and fear of things different. From the opposite sex to distant places, these fascinations exist within all people. “Araby” is the story of a

The Rising of the Moon : Main Theme

The Rising of the Moon is a work intended by Gregory to sympathize with the socialist cause. Not only does “The Rising of the Moon” serve to reiterate the Man’s position as an escaped political prisoner, it reflects the socialist

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