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More Females Should Be Assigned to High Status Positions Essay Sample

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More Females Should Be Assigned to High Status Positions Essay Sample

When I heard that we where going to talk about the motion; more females should be assigned to high status positions, my attention was drawn really easy. I’d really liked the idea of getting different opinions on to this subject.

The chair explained that the focus of this debate was on the developed countries with a democracy. Not only men are able to handle high status jobs (such as CEO and CFO) woman have good education as well and this means that the battle of these jobs is something that is quite important these days and a sensitive subject.

Julia Barton: in favour of the motion, She started of with a good quotation, saying; it is wrong to say that men are better, they are different, not better! The equality of men and woman is these days the same and thinking that woman are better in take care of the children is something that is from the olden days. A woman’s intuition can give business life a better overview and everybody, if they want to, can work there way to the top!

Alexander Lindschoten: against the motion:
The start of his speech was a bit slow, I had to focus on his way of speaking and do my best understanding his main points. Alexander used subjects such as the pregnancy of woman, the time they needed to recover and therefore the time they would be out of business. Main point: all we care about is the best results therefore it is better to take a man in charge.

Tania Boldureva: in favour of the motion:
Tania surprised me with her confidence. The way she presented herself, as a native speaker and her presence, made me straight away believe her story. She defended the motion with coming up with examples of high status females such as; Angela Merkel, Margareth Thatcher, Meg Whitemen and Sheryl Sandberg. The equality of males and females is underestimated and men sometimes also fail in what they are doing for big businesses. A conclusion, which does, definitely makes sense! Steven Padt: against the motion:

I intent to particular focus on this speaker, Steven really came across confident and with his quote: “Sometimes you need a sweater-wearing touchy-feely softie, sometimes you need a cigar-smoking hard-ass” the humour and seriousness of the subject was there, and this made him grab all attention of the complete audience. Leadership is a different context, a suitable person is way more important than the gender of the person.

I personally voted twice for the group in favour of the motion, I would say mainly because of the fact that I am a woman myself and I mostly agreed on the arguments of this team. The conclusion of the post-debate vote was congratulated to the team against the motion.

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