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Morphine Love Essay Sample

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Morphine Love Essay Sample

In London, 417 Graham road street, lived Liam and Vicky Ackles, they have been married for 3 years. Shirley Smith, Vicky’s best friend, came to visit the married couple.

– Hello both ! Well, how are you?

The conversation continued until Shirley went to the toilet. Coming back, she stopped in front of the couple’s room door.

– Allo? Oh Courtney, you again? Well listen, I can’t talk to you at the moment. Vicky might arrive any moment now. I’m calling you back tomorrow. Yes, I love you…concluded Liam before interrupting the conversation with his mistress.

Shirley who is best friends with Vicky, who is the wife of Liam, overheard the conversation. She hurried to return to the living room before Liam came. She entered abruptly into the room and she nearly overbalanced.

– I…I think I’m going to come back home. Kyle may worry. See you tomorrow for the Garden Party.

– But…Shirley waits anyway! Vicky cried out.

But Shirley had already crossed the door’s threshold and returned to her car. When she arrived back home, Shirley told her husband everything she’s just heard. This seemed choked when his wife told him that. The day after, Shirley and Kyle went to the Garden Party, organized by their friends Vicky and Liam. A lot of the couple’s friends were brought together at this occasion.

– Shirley! Kyle! Vicky cried out, giving off big hand signs. There you are! I asked myself where you went!

– Hello Vicky! Kyle answered. How are you today?

– Well…better than your wife, yesterday night. When you left, you really seemed to be worried. She said speaking straight to Shirley.

– I…babbled Shirley

She looked her husband with a worried look and take her friend along in the background.

– Well listen, I have something to tell you Vicky.

– What’s happening?

– I…It’s very embarrassing to me but I can’t keep it inside me…Yesterday night, when I came back from the toilets, your husband were on the phone with a Courtney. I think she’s his mistress.

– Don’t worry! It’s certainly one of his colleagues. Vicky reassured her.

– No I don’t think he would say to his colleague he loves her.

Vicky throws her a disconcerted look and burst into tears in her friend’s arms. Liam appeared and approached the both women.

– Vicky, is everything okay, honey?

His wife turned back and in a flash, she slapped him. He looked her, disconcerted.

– But…?

– How can you do this to me??

– I…

Liam’s mobile phone rang; he dashed off to answer his mobile.

– Yes? I’m coming now! Sorry honey, we’ve got a problem in the office. I must go there instantly.

He returned quickly to his car and left the house like a shot. Vicky, getting red in rage, said to


– If you’re right; I’m sure he’s gone to see her.

– Listen, these are just probably suppositions. After all, I may have been mistaken.

Shirley shrugged and came back home, letting every guests in the garden. Lots of them went away, visibly outraged by their host’s comportment. Shirley hurried to join her friend to attempt to talk to her, but when she tried to enter into the house, the door was locked. So she turned away from the house to enter through the garage. And then she noticed that Vicky’s car wasn’t there anymore.

– Where is it then? She asked herself.

Her mobile phone’s ring tone rang out. She picked up and as she was listening to what her speaker was telling her, her mobile phone shaked. Kyle came to her when she put the phone down.

– What’s happening?

– This is Liam…He is…dead.

– What?? How??

– Vicky has just phoned. She went out to clear her head and she was called. She is at the police station…And you, where were you?

– I…We should visit Vicky, don’t we?

– Yes, of course! Let’s go!

The detective Mickael Legder was put in charge of the investigation. In the first place, he thought preferable to inspect the crime place, a campsite abandoned in the countryside, not very busy at this time of the year, and run by a 50 year old man who seemed nasty and unsociable. Mickael inspected many places and didn’t discover any useful clues except: a crimson lipstick and a piece of black cloth which at first sight came from a suit. He went to ask some questions to the camping’s manager.

– Hello sir, I’m the Detective Ledger and I am investigating the murder committed in the tent that happened on site 154.

– Yeah, you’d better hurry to finish the investigation! That harms the customers! He shouted.

– We do what we can, sir! Replied the detective. Have you got security cameras?

– Yes, grunted the old man. I’m going to get them to you.

– Thank you.

-The camp sites manager came back minutes later with a little cardboard box containing video-security cassettes. Mickael thanked him and returned to the police station.

A young man, aged around 20 years old, entered abruptly in the morgue. The doctor turned back and cursed:

– What are you doing here? Who are you?

– I introduced myself: Mickael Ledger, I’m the detective who will be put in charge of this investigation.

– Oh…good. I’m sorry. I’m Doctor House, forensic scientist.

– Did you practise the autopsy?

– I haven’t entirely finished. But I can tell you that this man is dead by a morphine overdose. As you can see it, he was pricked, or he pricked himself, on his forearm at the very place where the vein is. Either he was a doctor or the person who killed him was it.

– Well. Did you find something else?

– I analysed his clothes and I found that, he said showing an envelope made of plastic, containing a blonde strand of hair.

– Thank you, I’m going to ask the suspects.

– See you soon.

Mickael took the elevator and came back to the ground floor. He went out and joined a questioning room in where he welcomed Vicky. This, contrary to his expectations, wasn’t a blond-haired woman but a dark-haired woman. So the hair found on Liam Ankles ‘corpse didn’t belong to his wife.

– Hello misses. First of all I insist on giving you all my condolences. I have some questions to ask you. Do you mind?

– No, go on, she answered, sobbing.

– Did you recently discovered that your husband was unfaithful, or that he seems to be drawn to someone else?

– My best friend, Shirley smith, discovered it when she visited me an evening, explained Vicky; she overheard a telephone conversation with his mistress.

– Ok. Thank you. May I take your DNA sample? It would permit us to eliminate you from the suspects list.

– Ok, go on.

After taking a hair from the young widower, the detective called Shirley in for questioning;

– Hello. I’m going to ask you some questions.

– Ok.

– Did you know Liam Ackles for a long time?

– For three years. When Vicky and him first got together.

– You overheard a telephone conversation of Mr Ackles, didn’t you?

– Yes…

– What did he say? Did you hear anything about an affair?

– Yes. He said to a Courtney that he loved her but that he can’t talk to her at the moment in case in Vicky came.

– Where were you when the crime was committed?

– I was at Vicky’s home. Many people saw me.

– Thank you. May I take a DNA sample?

– If it will be of any help … answered Shirley.

Mickael take a hair from the young woman’s hair and then she sped off in the opposite direction.

– Well. I’m going to analyse these hair samples and compare them to the DNA found on the corpse. It will help us learn a little more about it, he said to himself.

He went to the laboratory to examine the hair and determine whose the hair taken from the victim it is.

Mickael went to check criminal records for all the suspects involved in the murder case.

– There we are! That is something! He cried out. Courtney Armstrong arrested and sentenced to three months in prison for illegal medicine possessions. I ought to visit her.

Mickael knocked at the door that opened nearly instantaneously. He discovered a woman in tears, a strip around the head.

– Are you Courtney Armstrong?

– Yes, yes, that’s me. What’s happening?

– I…May I come in?

– Come on.

– I have some questions to ask you about Liam Ackles. Did you know him?

– We had an affair for a year and a half, she answered reluctantly.

– When did you see him for the last time?

– Yesterday.

– Where?

– I was at the camp site. We were going to talk about our relationship. I wanted him to divorce his wife but he preferred living like this…with two wives, keeping me as a secret.

– Did you have a grudge against him?

– Of course! But not to such an extent that I killed him! If it’s what you’re thinking.

– Nevertheless, you were arrested and went into a prison for illegal drugs possessions, weren’t you?

– Yes but…

– …anyway Mister Ackles died from a morphine overdose.

– You think that it’s me who killed him! She got indignant about it. I only stayed 5 minutes with him and I left.

– Someone could confirm it?

– No.

– I think I’ll be expected to lead you to the police station for more details.

The woman accepted to come to the police station and Mickael lead her to the questioning room.

– You really think that I’m the murderer?! Courtney got indignant about it. I loved him!

– Yes but…every clue is against you! Locks were found on the victim corpse. I was just learnt that you work in a hospital, so you would have obtained easily some morphine. You were on the crime place and you have a motive: He didn’t want to leave his wife to go living with you and you were got in rage, so you killed him!

– No! That’s wrong! When I left the tent somebody knocked me out!

– And when you came back to the tent you found Mister Ackles lying on the floor, dead? He asked with a sarcastic tone.

– That’s the truth! The camp sites security videos will prove it to you!

– Good. That’s all for the moment, thank you. You will stay in custody.

Mickael went out from the room and hurried to go see the videos. He watched Courtney arrive at the camp site, enter in the tent and then Liam followed. Then Courtney left and there, an arm appeared from the tent and knocked out the young woman. This arm was dressed in a black suit.

– ” Certainly the same cloth that I found in the tent ” thought Mickael.

His phone rang and the detective picked up without waiting.

– Allo ?

– It’s Doctor House. I have just finished the autopsy. Before being killed this man was violently stricked and he lost consciousness.

– Ok good thank you. That explain many things ! Cried out Mickael. The person, wearing the black suit and who knocked out Miss Arsmstrong is the murderer too !

Mickael Ledger brought together each person present this day in the garden party, in the hope to find the murderer. He asked each of them for the clothing they were wearing. Then, the young detective analysed each clothes, each fibres, and finally, he found the corresponding suit. The suit owner surprised him…it was Kyle Smith’s, Vicky’s best friend husband, the recent widower. He brought him to the police station and asked him.

– I have found fibres from your suit in the tent where Liam was dead. How do you explain it ?

– I have no clue !

– I know everything ! You were jealous that Liam had a mistress and you killed him, didn’t you ?

– No, not at all!

Kyle voice’s tone had completely changed. A kind of madness emanated from him now.

– You don’t understand. I did everything to protect her but he betrayed her ! he complained. So I had to kill him. He hurt her !

– What are you talking about ?

– I had to do it again, dad hurt mum and I killed him. Here, Liam hurt my sister so i killed him…he continued, rocking backwards and forwards on his chair.

– Your sister ? But…

– My step-sister. My father had an affair with a drug addict, a prostitute ! He shouted. Poor girl she had to abandon Vicky and she died like mum. I swear myself I will also protect Vicky as i protected mum till her death !

– Does she know that you’re her step-brother ?

– No.

– Ok. Of course you know you’ll end up in prison; with a life sentence for this.

– Yes, but I did what I had to do. I protected my family.

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