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Most Dangerous Game Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Everyone in this world is influenced by someone or something. Your friends, parents, teachers, and even technology are only a few things that make you the person you are today. So when Rainsford stated that, “The world is made up of two classes: The hunters and the huntees. I agree with Rainsford; everyone is forced or influenced to do things. For example, bullies force you to be stronger, parents push you to be a better person and society pushes you to be the individual you are today.

First of, wherever you go there will always be bullies, people who judge you by the way you look, act or talk. They’re everywhere. They’re the hunters, and we are the huntees. There job as hunters is to put us down, and make us insecure, and our job as huntees is to ignore them and become stronger from them. As huntees we can choose to learn from it or not, because at the end… We are the better person.

In addition, we have our good hunters also. Those are the ones who teach us to be good hunters

and keep the cycle going. These people are called “family.” A family isn’t here to

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make you fail in life. They’re here to show you that if you fall seven times, you get up eight. They help us to face the world made up of hunters, they show us to learn from our mistakes. Even though, they may get on our nerves, make us mad, or make us want to rip our hair out. At the end, you’ll thank them, for being the only person to stay when everone else left. They’ll never leave you, stay through thick and thin.

Lastly, everyday our society tells us who to be and what to look like. Society tell you to be “cool”, “popular”, or to have “swag.” The world and society are hunters; they influence you, the huntees, to becomes the person you are today. Society can be good or bad. Society influence so many people, starting from being a kid. For example, back then you didn’t see a teenager pick up a cigarette, but today, some kids consider cigarettes to be their breakfeast, lunch and dinner. From starving yourself to putting lots of makeup on because you think that will make you pretty. In the end, society makes you the person you are today. You can choose to listen to it or ignore it.

In conclusion, I agree with Rainsford that “The world is made up of hunters and huntees.” For example, bullies, parents and society can all be recognized as hunters and us, the huntees. Hunters can bring us down, or bring us up. I believe that a hunter is here to push you and to learn. Everything happens for a reason, and we can choose to ignore or listen to the hunter. But in the end, we are the ones who choose our destiny. We choose right from wrong, but the people around us can influence our decision.

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