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Most Wanted Essay Sample

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Most Wanted Essay Sample

Hallow’een. Trick or treat. Everyone was out. Cold and dark but no wind as if in a freezer. But no cared. It was as fun as opening presents at Christmas. The only thing people were scared of was The Beast. They were all on their watch to protect the little children. Five people had died on the same day. It was enough to make anyone scared for their children. It was said on the autopsy report that the deceased have been murdered by a wild beast. From then on in the villagers called it “The Beast.” People from anywhere else would say that it was a myth. The village witchdoctor was too late to save all five men. The only thing odd was that the men were at the same place. That same place was the forbidden forest on the outskirts of East Haven in the highlands of Scotland.

Only one person knows what the killer really is.


A car was speeding down the road going into the village. The driver saw something move in the shadows then into the middle of the road. He slammed on the brakes and skidded out of the way of the creature then came to a halt. He got out of his car, a ’67 mustang, and ran over to the creature. The closer he got the more he knew it was a teenage boy. The driver said ‘What in the blazes are you doing out here? You shouldn’t be away out here at this time of night.’

‘Where am I?’ said the teenager

‘A mile out of East Haven. Who are you son? Do you want me to take you to the police station in the village?’

He thought fast to answer the question. Ram…that’s a Good name. ‘My name is Ram. But I don’t know where I come from.’

‘Are you taking the mickey out of me?’ the man asked.

‘No sir I’m being serious.’ Ram replied with a bit of fear.

‘Come on then I’ll take you to the police station.’ And with that he took him there. When they got to the police station they got out and went in. There was a police woman at the desk. She was in her late twenties, long blonde hair and very attractive. The driver told Ram to sit down while he went to talk to her. Then she came over to Ram. ‘What’s your name then?’

‘I don’t know but I made one up. Ram.’

‘Then where do you live?’

‘I don’t know.’

‘Come with me then. If you want I could fix you up a family in the next half an hour. It will be legal of course but…’

There was a crash of the door and the police woman turned round and ran out of the room. There was an old lady and man standing and ringing the bell at the desk. They were crying. When the police woman was talking to them Ram was trying to listen in to the conversation. All he could hear was that the lady was saying that the police have there son over and over again.

The police woman came back into the room where Ram was to say to him that his aunt and uncle were out there and he was to go with them. When he went out the room his Aunt Mary and Uncle William came running at him and hugging and kissing him.


Uncle William drove them home to the middle of the moor in an old Volkswagen Beetle ’67. They went into the house it was an old and big house. It was raining when they went in the house. Is this a haunted house because it looks like it? Ram thought. They went into the kitchen and Aunt Mary made a pot of hot chocolate. Ram sat at the dinning table and was very silent. The hot chocolate was very milky and chocolaty. Ram said thanks and started talking about earlier on the night

‘I woke up in the middle of the road when a car nearly hit me. The driver of the car took me to the police station and that’s when you came in but I don’t remember you or recognise you. Can you please tell me my name because I can’t remember it?’ Ram went on.

‘Well your name is Noel and you keep running away but I don’t think you will run away anymore.’ Uncle William assumed. ‘And you start school tomorrow because you are two weeks late starting.’

After supper which was bacon sandwiches and tomato soup Ram, or now called Noel, went to his bedroom. There was a four poster bed and a forty two inch LCD television and a lamp. Noel lay in his bed thinking.

Am I really this Noel they think I am because I can’t remember anything about myself? They could be trying to kidnap me or they want to keep me hostage. I need to get away if I’m not this noel.


It was morning and the sun was shining through the window. Noel got out of bed and got dressed. Then he remembered that he had school and tried to find his uniform. He couldn’t find his uniform so he put shorts and t-shirt on and went down to the kitchen his aunt and uncle were talking to each other in the kitchen. Noel stood at the closed door to listen in.

‘This is it,’ Uncle William said.

‘Are you sure?’ Aunt Mary asked.

‘Positive,’ William replied.

Noel came into the kitchen. His breakfast was already ready. It was the first thing he smelled. It smelled very nice, it was a full English fry up. He asks where his school uniform was but found out that the school don’t have uniform.


There were three cars outside the school. The school itself was very small about the size of a large classroom. He met his new teacher called Mr Hind. Mr Hind led Noel into the classroom which was the only building there so there was one class with three pupils already there. Mr Hind opened the door and let Noel into the classroom. He introduced Noel to the other two pupils. The girl was called Lisa and the boy was called Colin. They were all the same age which was ordinary. Lisa had blonde hair and blue eyes and Colin had brown eyes and black hair.

Noel asked Mr Hind ‘Who is the other pupil sitting up the back of the classroom?’

‘There is no one there. Who are you talking about?’ answered Mr Hind.

‘There is a boy there that looks like Me.’ said a confused noel.

He wasn’t lying he could see a boy just like himself but couldn’t think how Mr Hind couldn’t see this boy he was trying to say something to noel but noel couldn’t hear the boy. All he could see was a boy that looked like him opening and closing his mouth. Was he trying to warn him of something? Noel walked to the table beside Colin and Lisa and sat down.

‘Today we are going to watch a video of the Second World War. Watch the video and after that we will talk about what you watched and you can ask questions.’ Said Mr Hind in a dreamy voice.


Half way through the video the screen when blank the came back on again with a breaking news report on. The picture on the television was not as good as it could have been. The reporter was talking about the town of East Haven.

‘There has been another murder at the town of East Haven. The murder was committed at the early hours this morning. Residents of the town will be warned to stay indoors after sunset and to keep their pets indoors at all times if possible. The murderer is not a person but a beast of some sort which is very lethal and has venom in its teeth and claws. It has already killed a very large number of residents of East Haven. If anyone knows anything please phone this hotline. 080017111993.’

They stood there in disbelief thinking who the person was and what the beast looked like.

‘You’re lucky that man in the car found you before the beast did because you could have been dead.’ Colin said awestruck.

Well we can’t watch the rest of the video and I think I will need to phone your parents to come and pick you up early. So eat your lunch now and I will go home to phone your parents.’ Mr Hind went quite disbelieving of what has happened. He walked out the classroom and they all burst out chatting about the beast.

‘What do you think the beast looks like noel?’ Colin asked.

‘Colin, Lisa who is this noel you talk about because I can’t be him I was found on the road just outside this town? I can remember this man chasing me all the way from Sheffield but that is as far back I can remember. By the way can you please tell me who that boy is at the back of the classroom because he is trying to tell me something but I can’t hear him?’ went noel.

‘Well you are a boy that keeps running away from your aunt and uncle, Noel.’

‘Can you please call me Ram because I don’t think I am called Noel so I made this name up. What would you say if I had to tell you that the boy I see could be Noel?’ asked a very frustrated Noel.

‘Well I would say that your name is a good name because you can’t remember the past but can do maths and English it stands for Random Access Memory and it could be a possibility and that the boy you can see could be the real Noel and you could just be a victim of what his aunt and uncle will do so if I were you I would be very careful when I would be close to them.’ said a very excited Lisa.


That night Noel was at dinner in the kitchen When his aunt and uncle or supposed aunt and uncle were asking him a lot of questions which Noel should know but didn’t so aunt Mary was telling him his birthday and all the necessary stuff which need for documents. Noel or Ram as he wants to be called asks his supposed aunt a very simple but complicated question. ‘are you really my aunt and uncle because I saw the ghost of the real Noel in my classroom today and he warned me to try and stay away from you.’

Surprised to this question she answered a very simple way. ‘No.’

‘Then why am I here then.’

‘Because we wanted to try and kill him and thought that you were the real Noel that got away from the murder. So that is why you were here so we could try and kill you again but we were wrong so we are still going to kill even if we don’t know you. Sorry but good luck!’

Ram got up and ran out of the kitchen before Mary could kill him with the knife in her hand. She threw it and it missed by millimetres. Ram went to the garage to get the bike so he could get to Colin’s house quicker. ‘Colin can I come to your house right now because I need to get away from them. They are not my real aunt and uncle so I need someone who knows that I am ok because I don’t think Lisa has my number.’

‘Yes sure keep your head down and be quick because the beast is still out there. See you soon. And he hung up.’

His phone rang. It was withheld. ‘Hello. Yes speaking. What the beast is still out there. What do you mean it isn’t the puma? It was made by you and got away. Phone the police. I will do it then. Ok bye.’


After a long bike journey he got to Colin’s house he knocked on the door and no one answered he walked in because the door was open. There was blood and guts on the wall. He phone the police but there was no answer so he phoned the hotline and there was no answer again. So he went out the house and there standing behind the bush outside at the gate was the Beast. It came running towards him and ripped him to shreds. He died instantaneous.


In the writing of this story nobody knows who or where Ram is and comes from. The beast is the last living organism to walk the planet. The Beast has venom deadly to its victim.

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