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One deep, full moonlight night, twenty years ago, while a woman was being transferred to the delivery room, she said to her doctor: “Whatever happens in there, please, just write down in the record that the child is born in 31st December.” Luckily, just two hours before 1994, the women actually labored. That woman is my dear, beloved mother. And that how I was born. My mother is just a normal person in normal life, however in my heart, she is a hero. Since I was a little kid, I have had a huge passion for book. By the time I was thirteen, all the books at my home had been read already. It is hard to understand all book knowledge at that age so I spent all my free time in book and ignored others activities. That action unpleased all my teachers. Yet, mother is the only one who has understood and supported me. She bought me the book which changed my life ’Freakonomic’. The book has introduced me to another side of economic, took me closer to that world. And I was enchanted by economic since then. But, one day, six years ago, the death visited my family and took my dad with him.

That made me feel like there is a hole in my heart. No matter what I do, that hollow space does not go away. At that time, mother raised me up by forcing my sister and I to enter the city swimming contest. In one year, every morning, although it rains like cats and dogs or burns like the sun in July, we never miss a practice. When my mother drove me to the class, she usually stayed on, quietly watched us until we finished. May be, watching the blue of the water somehow had ease her pain. The day of the race came closer, we had more and more exercises. After swimming, we felt very wearied in our limbs.

Yet, how amazing my mother is when she stopped us from giving up by her faith in us. Obviously, her belief has influenced me to believe in myself. Finally, all hard works and endeavor are paid off, I did won a bronze. More than any one, I know, from the bottom of my heart, my mother’s will has led us to the success. As a result, my hole is fulfilled by my gratefulness and love to her, little by little. Not only did my mom help me find my target, she also taught me a lesson about success. And the perseverance that she exhibits teaches me not to lost believe in myself and keep moving forward. My mother sacrificed her whole life for me. Therefore, without my mother, I would not be the person I am today.

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