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“Holiness is not a luxury of the few, it is a simple duty for each one of us.” – Mother Teresa of Calcutta (“Announcing the Beatification of Mother Teresa of Calcutta.” – Mother Teresa.) I have been a fan of yours for a long time, believed you always did extraordinary work, even though you were far away from Macedonia your hometown. You felt in loved while you worked in Calcutta, India.

There are so many things I admire about you. You were a nun that had a mission, but you change it. Although it were hard times to make a decision like that you accomplished it and change your whole mission which for me that was impressive. I wish you would worked in Mexico too, I believed as a Mexican – American, that we need a lot of volunteer and peaceful work, and not a lot of people understand the need Mexican people have, if I could, I would definitely do at least as half as you did. One of my many dreams is to create a center to help people in need.

A question for you, would be, how do you feel when you got your first prize? I mean you got a Peace Nobel Prize that is just amazing, I think is like all-human-kind dream, and all because of work non-profit reason, that for me is beyond wonderful. (“Mother Teresa.” Encyclopedia of World Biography). You were like a hero to the Indian people and it was just work of love, and that did not stop you there. You helped people all around the world. You create several centers to help people in so many different places, where they need all that love and kindness you used to give to people. I admire how you knew your future, all you wanted since you were little girl, and was to help people. But the best part is that you accomplished those aspirations to become true. The people who donate money to help your missions as creating centers are really good people, I will say you were grateful at them very much, without them maybe it would be harder to make it possible.

They were as good as you was. The fact that you went to a place where it was a war, and still helped is awesome. It is a remarkable piece of history in our planet. I think all of us should know your story, and all the works you did. I believed if all of us make a little bit of what you did, our world would be very different from now. Because still in 21st century we have wars and many differences between races, ethnicity, color of skin, sexual preferences and gender. Even though you started feeling bad and your diseases started to become a bigger problem. Then you felt a few times, broken some of your bones, you still continue with your journey. It’s something we should all admire from you. (“Teresa Mother.” Newsmakers). When you got the beatification you really deserve it from Pope John Paul II, the people you helped must be so happy and grateful for that right now.

When we heard from your death of a heart attack on September 5, 1997, we all think God lifted you up as both a model of holiness and an intercessor for all. I am sure everyone felt devastating. The words from the people who loved you and admire you were: “When they bury her, we will lost something that cannot be replaced.” (“Announcing the Beatification of Mother Teresa of Calcutta.” – Mother Teresa). Ever since I first heard about you I was amazed how you accomplished your goals, you fight for the people who need you, you did everything just for love to God and humanity. You never expect something from someone else. For me you are a role model, I wish someday I would be able to make some of the work you did with the people in pain and starvation. You always had words of wisdom and kindness, in my point of view you were until today the best women ever. With admiration and respect,

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